Where do dogs like to pet

Stroking a dog: how and where?

It's true that dogs usually like to be petted. However, some breeds are a little more reserved and it also depends on whether we already know the fur nose or whether it has just been introduced to us. In any case, you always have to pay attention to the signals.

Last update: 17th November, 2018

Dogs love attention, but some are just not particularly fond of physical contact. This post is about how and where to get one Petting the dog should.

This can be very important information, for example when you are dealing with a unknown or more reserved See copy faced.

Pet a dog that you are just getting to know

We think all dogs love being petted and affectionate, yes that's just not the case. Some are just more reserved about people (such as the White Swiss Shepherd, who is usually very suspicious).

The reasons for this can sometimes be found in past traumatic experiences or because the animals don't know us.

The following advice on how to pet a dog might even help you: to get to know your furry friend better.

1. Approach carefully

If you meet the animal alone on the street or with its owner, you have to yourself move very carefully, so you don't intimidate them or challenge them to attack.

Also remember that those dogs that are tied up or walk on a leash, rather growl or bite. This also applies to the four-legged friends who are straight eat or have a toy near them to have.

In particular, caution should be exercised if a Bitch her pups protected.

2. Go at eye level with the dog

You can crouch so that you are about the same level as the animal. Always show him your faceso that it can watch you. Slowly extend your hand and arm and observe the dog's reaction.

At this moment it should please no screams, quick movements or noise give. Let the dog smell your closed hand so he knows With what intent you approach him.

3. Start with the forehead

The first contact should start with the head, precisely between the ears. Be very gentle as you do this and observe any reaction from the dog. If he is calm, closes his eyes slightly or wags his tail, then it means that he enjoys the contact.

If he doesn't like your caresses, so he'll let you know too. It could be that it moves its head to one side, that it growls slightly, or that it takes flight and moves elsewhere.

Respect his decision and don't approach him again at this moment.

However, if you feel a connection to the animal and it enjoys your attention, then you can now move on to other parts of the body.

Some will likes to scratch behind the ears, other stroked on the back. Others, however, particularly like it on the chin or chest. You will have to experiment a little to find out what your dog enjoys the most.

How to pet a familiar dog

This can be your own pet or that of a friend. In this case you have already passed several "exams" and all you have to do is find out where the fur nose likes to be pampered.

Everything depends on the preferences of the four-legged friend, which is why you just have to try it out.

Some love that Scratched belly to get others prefer Paw massages. Some like to be on Stroke the head, but there are also those who prefer to be scratch the chest to let.

Even if it is your own dog, we recommend that you avoid touching its eyes, mouth, and tail. Because no dog likes that very much.

Pay attention to the reactions of the fur nose. Maybe he'll invite you to scratch your stomach by throwing himself on his back and wagging his tail.

However, you make a sudden unexpected move and the dog tries to bite you. Do not rely on itthat every contact must always be friendly.

Sighs, quick wagging of the tail, half-closed eyes or the request to continue scratching are extremely positive signs that the dog is enjoying the situation.

Freedom of movement is important for dogs

We should also ask ourselves how with the pats lots of freedom of movement we leave the animal. Most of the time, they don't like you hugging or holding them.

If you want to pet a dog, you should always do so just use your hand, no arms or other body parts.

So if you want to pet a dog, whether you know him or not, you should always be with him approach with caution. Take good care of them Signals of the dog Eight, to know if he likes the contact or not.

This will prevent the animal from biting you and develop a respectful relationship at the same time to him.

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