Which continent is Mozambique on


Mozambique or Mozambique is a country in Africa. It is located in the south of the continent and has a long coastline on the Indian Ocean. The country is more than twice the size of Germany. But Germany has more than three times as many inhabitants as Mozambique. Opposite Mozambique is the island of Madagascar.

Mozambique is flat on the coast, and further inland there are many hills and mountains. The highest mountain, Monte Binga, reaches 2,436 meters above sea level. The Zambezi River comes from Zambia to Mozambique, where it flows into the ocean. The water of Lake Malawi in the west also flows into the Zambezi.

The climate in Mozambique is tropically hot during the rainy season. It lasts from November to April. Then there are often severe floods and hurricanes. Scientists suspect that climate change is compounding these storms. In the dry season, especially the nights are very cool. Then there are droughts that are even worse for people than the floods and storms.

There is a lot of dry savannah with dry grass sand and dry forests. In the rainy season, however, the grass grows taller than a person. The trees lose their leaves during the dry season and turn green again in the rainy season.

How do people live?

Little land can be used as arable land. Nevertheless, four out of five inhabitants make a living from agriculture. The main products are cashew nuts, sugar cane, cotton and tea. But there are also bananas, citrus fruits and oil palms. There is also fishing on the coast.

There are various important raw materials underground: diamonds, plus gold, copper and other expensive metals. There is also bauxite, which can be used to make aluminum. However, all of this is rarely mined and used. There is also a lot of hard coal. But you would first have to build a long railway line and a new port to be able to sell the coal.

Many people are poor. About every third person goes hungry. Around four out of five children now attend school for at least five years. However, there are usually over seventy children in one class. Overall, around every third child works in the fields, as an unskilled worker or as a beggar. Many children are orphans because their parents died of AIDS. Around one in four adults is unemployed.

What happened earlier

The Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama arrived there around 1500. That was around the time that Christopher Columbus went to America. The Portuguese conquered a few small areas on the coast. For almost five hundred years Mozambique was a colony of Portugal. Mozambique has been independent since 1975.

Because the Portuguese suddenly left the country, a civil war broke out. In addition, other states wanted to determine how the country should be governed. The war in the country lasted 16 years until 1992.

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