Is the word noun a proper name

Upper and lower case: proper names (§ 59 - § 62)

A preceding article is usually not part of the proper name and is therefore written in lower case.

For exceptions see below, paragraph (4.4).

Proper names in the sense of this orthographic regulation are:

Personal names, proper names from religion, mythology and epithets, nicknames and the like, for example:

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Gertrud von Le Fort, Charles de Coster, Ludwig van Beethoven, the Apocalyptic Horseman, Walther von der Vogelweide, Holbein the Younger, the Old Fritz, Katharina the Great, Heinrich the Eighth, Elisabeth the Second; Little Erna

Prepositions like from, van, de, ten, to (r) In personal names you write lower case in the sentence even if they are not preceded by a first name, for example: The author of this book is called von Ossietzky.

Geographical and geographical-political proper names, see above
of continents, countries, states, administrative areas and the like, for example:

United States of America, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (as a federal state), Czech Republic

of cities, villages, streets, squares and the like, for example:

Neu Lübbenau, Groß Flatow, Rostock Lütten Klein, Unter den Linden, Lange Straße, In the Mittleren Holdergasse, Am Tiefen Graben, An den Drei Pfaele, Hamburger Straße, Neuer Markt

of landscapes, mountains, forests, deserts, meadows and the like, for example:

Kahler Asten, High Tatras, Holstein Switzerland, Swabian Alb, Bavarian Forest, Libyan Desert, Golden Aue, Thuringian Forest

of seas, parts of the sea and straits, rivers, islands and coasts and the like, for example:

Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Lesser Antilles, Great Belt, Schwerin Sea, Strait of Gibraltar, Cape Verde Islands, Cape of Good Hope

Proper names of objects of different classes, see above
of stars, constellations and other celestial bodies, for example:

Little Bear, Big Dipper, Halley's Comet (also: Halley’s Comet; § 62)

of vehicles, certain structures and locations, for example:

the forward (Ship), the blue gentian (Railroad train), the flying hamburger (Railroad train), the blue mosque (in Istanbul), the old City Hall (in Leipzig), the French Cathedral (in Berlin), the great wall (in China), dhe Leaning Tower (in Pisa)

of individually named animals, plants and occasionally of individual objects of other classes, for example:

the flying arrow (a specific horse), the old oak (a certain tree)

of medals and awards, for example:

the Blue Ribbon of the Ocean, Grand Austrian State Prize for Literature

Proper names of institutions, organizations, facilities, like that
from state or public services, authorities and bodies, from educational and cultural institutions and the like, for example:

German Bundestag, Federal Statistical Office, Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin, Natural History Museum (in Vienna), green Vault (in Dresden), Clinic for Internal Medicine at the University of Rostock, Academy for Early Music Berlin, Second German Television, Federal Institute of Technology (in Zurich)

by organizations, parties, associations, clubs and the like, for example:

United Nations, International Olympic Committee, German Trade Union Confederation, Social Democratic Party of Germany, Christian Democratic Union, General German Automobile Club, Exchange Association of the German Book Trade, Austrian Red Cross

by companies, companies, cooperatives, restaurants, shops and the like, for example:

Deutsche Bank, Austrian Raiffeisen Association, Bibliographical Institute (in Mannheim), Deutsche Bahn, White Fleet, Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, Gasthaus zur Neuen Post, Zum Goldenen Anker (Restaurant), Salzburg cathedral bookstore, Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk AG

from newspapers and magazines and the like, for example:

Berliner Zeitung, Saxon Latest News, German as a Foreign Language, Dermatological Monthly, Die Zeit

If the article is changed at the beginning, it is written in lower case, for example: She read that in the time.

unofficial proper names, short forms and abbreviations of proper names, for example:

Black Continent, Far East, Middle East, United States, House of Lords

A. Müller, Astrid M., A. M. (= Astrid Müller), J. W. v. Goethe; SPD (= Social Democratic Party of Germany), DGB (= German trade union federation), EU (= European Union), SBB (= Swiss Federal Railways), ORF (= Austrian radio)

certain historical events and epochs, for example:

the Peace of Westphalia, the Franco-German War 1870/1871, the Second World War, the Roaring Twenties

In some of the groups of names mentioned above, the spelling may differ in individual cases, for example:

new german literature, profile, concrete (Magazines); Academy for Music and Performing Arts “Mozarteum”; To the last instance (Restaurant)

To mark the names of newspapers and magazines with quotation marks, see § 94 (1).