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7 Free Twitter Analysis Tools Recommended by Experts


What is Twitter Analytics?

Are your marketing messages having an impact? Are your posts generating enough engagement? Twitter analyzes show you whether your marketing messages are achieving their goal. In order to process this gigantic amount of social media data, you need a powerful tool - for example our Free Social Search. Guaranteed free - forever!

Free Social Search - Track top hashtags & analyze which channels are performing best.


Using a Twitter analytics tool gives you access to statistics and insights that determine your Twitter performance. Measure and increase the impact of your brand messages on Twitter. Or check the impact of your competition.

For example, insights include:

  • Engagement rate - number of retweets, comments, likes of a post
  • Type of engagement - Retweet or Like - Value vs. Appreciation
  • What times of the day are your users most active - clicks, retweets, comments
  • Which days of the week are your users most active
  • What's the best time to post to get impressions - When will most see your tweet
  • Which influencers share your content
  • Compare hashtags - which hashtags perform well
  • Average Tweet Performance for Benchmarking - Achieve Your Goals
  • Interests of your followers - customize your content
  • Trends - highs and lows - reasons
  • Overview of monthly performance - top tweets, mentions, followers

Why are Twitter analytics important?

The more you know about your performance - your target group, your competition - on Twitter, the better you can exploit the immense potential of the social platform in your online campaigns.

Twitter Analytics Tools show you:

  • How many users really see your tweets.
  • Whether your paid contributions are really profitable or just cost you money
  • How users react to your tweets
  • Which style works - image, GIF, long, short - mimic your best posts
  • Your followers - interests, origin, gender, language, who they follow

Get to know your followers

You want your content to be engaging, but how do you know who to target when you don't know your target audience? Age, gender, language, time zone, income.

You can also target specific parts of your target audience by breaking them down by interests, device of use, behavior and keywords.

Which content is well received?

Just because you can use 280 characters doesn't mean you should. There is no limit to the number of hashtags, but you shouldn't put any randomly under every post. Find out what works best for your brand and target audience.

  • Keep tweets short and simple, despite the increasing character limit. The ideal length is between 20-40 characters with an image.

All stuffed with love. 💛 # HappyThanksgivingpic.twitter.com / Zw6Trze92b

- Disney (@Disney) November 24, 2016

40 Awesome Twitter Statistics to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Tweets with pictures get an average of 150% more retweets and increase the click-through rate by 18%
  • Tweets with only one hashtag are 69% more likely to be retweeted than tweets with two
  • Users are 25% more likely to retweet if the URL is in the middle of the tweet.
  • Do you want more Twitter statistics?

When should you post?

Tweets are the ephemera of the social media world. When it comes to tweet, timing can make all the difference between going viral and flopping.

There is no rule of thumb for how many times a day to tweet. But since the lifespan of tweets is very short, you should be consistent with your posting behavior. Seven posts on Monday and just one on Tuesday can cause you to lose followers quickly. Use Twitter analytics tools to find out what number of posts is best for your brand.

Keep in mind the origins and time zones of your target audience to find the best time of day to post. There's no point tweeting when everyone is asleep.

Are your paid posts bringing anything?

Don't throw money out the window. In order to boost Twitter ad campaigns or tweets, you need to understand how the system works before using it.

Find out what works and repeat ...

Find your best tweets - with the most retweets, likes, shares - and try to understand why these were so popular with your target group. Was it a picture? GIF? Hashtag?

Okay, let's get to the tools:

Free Twitter analysis tools

Analyzing huge amounts of social media data can be an insurmountable challenge. To solve this Herculean task, you need the best Twitter analytics tool out there!

It's no secret that the most extensive data and deep insights are more likely to come from analytically strong paid models like Talkwalker. But there are a handful of tools that provide extremely helpful insights in the free version. Especially small companies, start-ups or even large companies that want to know whether social listening is worthwhile for them should make use of it. We think the following solutions are particularly helpful, also because they were recommended by real social media experts.

To save you the hassle of digging through the thousands of Twitter analytics tools out there, we've compiled a list of the best tools out there.

Before we start the list, it should be noted that we cannot promise that all of these tools will stay free forever. Many only offer trial versions, which is a great way to test a tool before investing.

1- Talkwalker Free Social Search - Yes. Free. Complete.

Talkwalker also has a completely free solution: The Free social media search from Talkwalker is free and particularly suitable for the following analyzes:

  • Hashtag tracking - Track your own hashtag campaigns, find the right content for them and keep track of the competitor's hashtags.
  • Campaign tracking - Prove the effect of your campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, in online news, blogs and forums. Then invest more precisely where it really works.
  • Event performance - Keep track of which topics are discussed the most at your event (re: publica 17 example). Show how the event hashtag is used.
  • Brand reputation - View KPIs such as mentions, sentiment, engagement or reach from the last 7 days, or even in the minute view.

Kerry Butters (@kesbutters) - Founder and CEO of markITwrite Digital and international influencer for digital marketing topics:

“I've only recently started using Talkwalker, but I'm impressed. Talkwalker is basically a paid tool, but provides a number of functions for free. The sentiment view, demographic graphics and performance data are the ones I use the most. The fluid visualization of the data is also really outstanding. "

Sascha Böhr (@sascha_boehr), CEO of 247Grad, agency for social media communication, and founder of dirico.io:

“For us, Talkwalker is one of the most important tools for monitoring and evaluating campaigns and hashtags. Indispensable for focusing on the right topics in the field of social media and content marketing. "

Track campaigns & hashtags for free. Test it here.

2- Twitonomy - Reach deep into the data box

The free version of Twitonomy gives you excellent Twitter analytics and generated helpful insights. The analysis includes tweets, retweets, hashtags, mentions, links and followers. You can also analyze the behavior of users you follow. The tweet statistics also show the best day of the week or the ideal posting hour for your publications.

The paid version can also do a complete analysis of hashtags including their trend development on the number of tweets, the potential reach, the strongest influencers and the most active users. And more: you see similar hashtags that were used in connection with your own, an interactive map and a list of the strongest (re) tweets with the hashtag. The GEO location function shows where the followers come from. This is what the experts think:

Marie-Christine Schindler (@mcschindler), consultant for online PR and strategic communication and co-author of the bestseller 'PR on the social web‘:

“I work with Twitonomy when it comes to 'Digging Deep'. The tool is powerful and allows a lot of evaluations on users and influencers, your own network and the popularity of tweets. "

Stefan Evertz (@brain cortex), Consultant for digital communication at Cortex Digital, founder of MonitoringMatcher and social media expert:

“Even in the free version, Twitonomy is ideal for quickly and compactly screening an account. Which other users has the account interacted with, which hashtags were used and how active is the account - all this and more is quickly determined on the basis of the last 3200 tweets. It has long been an integral part of my bookmarks bar.

3- Twitter Analytics - Simple, Precise & Completely Free

Twitter Analytics is THE Twitter analysis tool where the advantage is obvious: The data comes directly from the source and is therefore definitely accurate.

However, Twitter Analytics only shows data on your own profiles, or for which you have administrator rights - without any comparison with the competition. However, the month-by-month performance statistics are really practical and shows at a glance how successful the Twitter activities were. The top tweet view clearly shows what has caused the biggest social media buzz in recent weeks. Also finds:

Falk Hedemann (@knowledge seeker), Consultant for digital communication, Social media blogger and journalist at UPLOAD magazine and LEAD digital:

“I think Twitter Analytics is very good now. Thanks to the perfect integration, access is very easy and quick, even mobile, and the most important basic information is displayed.This is particularly useful in larger teams, since not all team members can or should always have access to paid tools. "

4- Mentionmapp - a tool with a view

Mention map shows a different, more visual type of analysis. There are also a number of important Twitter statistics here, but the really great benefit of Mentionmapp is another: Which users do the most with my tweets or interact with those of my key influencers. This is used to create an influencer map that shows both sides (my followers, my most important tweeters). Great tool for perfecting the impact of your Twitter activity. Because the better I know my key twitterers, the better I can develop my own reach. Bonus points: This is also possible for the Twitter accounts of the competition.

Marie-Christine Schindler (@mcschindler) says:

“Mentionmap is a helpful tool to see how the conversations along with users and hasthags are developing. Since John Gray bought this company back, he has been continuously developing the service and adding interesting functions such as a retweet map or saving tweets. "

5- Foller.me - what is the competition talking about?

Foller.meis great when it comes to monitoring the competition - especially to know which topics the competition is occupying. Otherwise, the top features of Foller.me are:

  • User profile data
  • Topics - general topics your competition is talking about.
  • Hashtags - your most used hashtags (per user account).
  • Mentions - shows the users you have interacted with the most.
  • In-depth analysis of the last 100 tweets.

If you prefer to work with numbers and text rather than graphs and charts, Foller.me is made for you. Here, data and statistics are written out and shown dry rather than processed in bar and pie charts. Like Twitonomy, Foller.me can also show the values ​​for each user, ideal for comparing competitors.

Shane Barker (@shane_barker), US digital strategist and social media consultant with his website shanebarker.com:

“Foller.me is exciting because it compiles Twitter profiles and their latest tweets in so-called tag clouds, thus making it easier to measure success. This is especially helpful when the ultimate goal is to grow the number of followers and find influencers. It is also easier to get in touch with them when you have already identified the right topics. "

6- Social Rank - Determine your most valuable followers

With SocialRankyou can find your most loyal fans and social friends and through the data processing you understand them better. The subdivision is basically into best (most loyal) followers, most influential followers and most active followers.

There is a paid option, but the free version is enough to get you started. With it you can filter and group all followers, and that across several own accounts. If you switch to the paid version, you will also receive reports that you can download and share with your team. In addition, the tracking of competitor data is then greatly improved. SocialRank also created a similar tool for Instagram.

Sascha Böhr (@sascha_boehr) again:

“I usually use our own platform to get involved on Twitter dirico.io and for Twitter Analytics I use Talkwalker and Quintly. But with SocialRank I have had very good experiences, especially because the smart filters there allow me to group followers very easily and track changes in engagement. "

Anthony Ha (@anthonyha), writer at TechCrunch:

"SocialRank cares less about the overall performance of your Twitter account and more about highlighting the value of the followers who are already following you."

7- Bluenod - graphic preparation of your Twitter community & find new influencers

Bluenodvisualizes all your Twitter interactions quite impressively on one, of course, interactive mapso that managing your own community is easier and influential advocates can be identified more easily.

Just enter any username or hashtag in the search box and you will get a global picture of the overall community about the user or the people who used the hashtag.

The Twitter maps and moving graphics are really amazingly precise in their data-size relationship. On top of that, these can be exported and published in your own social networks or on the website.

Unfortunately, this service is no longer entirely free. But you still get a two-week test access with which you can test the service sufficiently.

Lilach Bullock (@lilachbullock), Expert in Lead Conversion, Social Media Specialist, lilachbullock.com:

“Bluenod is basically a tool to find influencers in a specific field. You can use it to visualize your own community and the networks of your own followers inimitably well and thus better understand them.

Bonus: Luca Hammer's Twitter analysis

Stefan Evertz (@birnrinde) has another special recommendation:

“With the free tool from Luca Hammer you can evaluate which content or domains have been linked particularly frequently by a single public account. So you can quickly see how broad an individual account is in terms of content or whether perhaps only the same domain was always linked ... Really practical. "

Conclusion: Use several tools for a comprehensive overview

None of our experts or partners only use a single tool. Use or test at least two or three different services. This ensures that you really understand followers, influencers and their topics and networks.

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