What are some good vegan wines

Vegan wines

Vegan is not only in great demand on the plate. Recently there has also been inquiries about wine whether it is suitable for vegans. But what is behind a vegan wine?

When growing the grapes in the vineyards, there is no difference between conventionally and vegan wines. Only in the cellar does the vegan vintner resort to alternative means or methods.

For hundreds of years, winemakers have been using animal products such as egg white or now gelatine to clarify the wine. The protein combines with the cloudy substances in the wine and then settles on the bottom of the barrel. The clear wine is then drawn off, leaving almost nothing of the animal product in the wine. As a positive side effect, in addition to clarification, there is also a harmonization of the tannin structure.

In the production of vegan wines, the animal substances are replaced by a vegetable protein that is obtained from peas, beans or potato starch, for example. In terms of taste, this makes no difference. The production of vegan wines is also no more expensive than that of conventional wines, and they do not necessarily have to be produced according to ecological criteria. However, it can be stated that the buyers of these wines often make sure that the wines are not only vegan, but also ecologically produced. Some vegans even attach importance to the fact that the labels on the bottles are only glued with vegetable-based glue and not with bone glue.

Video: ZDF "Volle Kanne" - contribution to vegan wines - with Steffen Schindler (DWI)