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Measure nitrogen dioxide in traffic

What proportion do individual vehicles have - depending on their age, condition or engine - in air pollution in city traffic? A new measuring device records nitrogen dioxide in the exhaust gas of a vehicle in front while the traffic is moving. Heidelberg environmental physicists enable mobile measurements in real road traffic.

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High tech for festivities

The Bitkom association takes stock of the Christmas business in 2015. There is still strong demand for smartphones and tablet computers. Large, high-definition televisions are particularly popular at the festival. And every second person buys gifts online.

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Prevent back pain with robots

The aim of a research project is to prevent or alleviate back pain with the help of assistant robots. As part of the project, the researchers want to develop a so-called exoskeleton for the spine that supports people with heavy physical work. At the same time, such a robotic suit can also be used in rehabilitation.

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Gift returns online

One in four wants to resell Christmas gifts online. 18 percent rely on web platforms and 9 percent use smartphone apps. Younger people in particular want to monetize the inappropriate gifts on the Internet.

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Attack on the networks in the brain

What happens when 90 percent of the connections in a neural network are severed? "Not much, as long as the most important ones remain intact," says Simachew Abebe Mengiste, who studies what happens when a complex network is attacked by systematically disconnecting connections. His findings could help to better understand the mechanisms behind neurodegenerative diseases and the behavior of complex networks.

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Fontane on the computer

It may be that there are students who find Theodor Fontane's novel Effi Briest boring. With 60 students from two schools in Saxony, this was certainly not the case, because they were able to gain a completely new perspective on this literary classic.

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Company fit for digital change?

The digitization of work and demographic changes require companies, managers and employees to be more flexible. To do this, employees need the right skills. By the end of January 2016, Fraunhofer IAO will use an online survey to determine which skills development measures make employees more flexible.

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Munich becomes IBM's Watson IoT capital

Munich becomes the global headquarters of the new IBM Watson IoT division and at the same time the new location for the first European Watson Innovation Center. Around 1,000 IBM developers, consultants, researchers and designers will work in the Munich HighLight Towers in the future. Together with customers and partners, they are working on a new generation of networked solutions at the interface between cognitive computing and IoT (Internet of Things). The aim is to use cognitive skills to make networked devices, systems and sensors intelligent and to open up new market opportunities. The new solutions will be available via the IBM Watson IoT Cloud as a global platform.

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T-Rex in the 3D laboratory

"Tristan" is one of the world's best-preserved skeletons of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most terrifying of the dinosaurs, and the first and only one to be shown in Europe. Tristan gets his head at the TU Berlin.

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Software against bot clicks

The software from Authenticated Digital guarantees 90 percent authenticity for advertising clicks. This enables advertisers to determine whether their campaigns ran on the right pages and were not just clicked on by automated bots.

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Fundamental problem of quantum physics unsolvable

One of the mathematical problems underlying the many fundamental questions in particle and quantum physics is demonstrably unsolvable. Scientists have proven this. It is the first major problem in physics to which such a fundamental limitation applies. The results show that even a perfect and complete description of the microscopic properties of a material is insufficient to predict its macroscopic behavior.

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DDoS activities increase sharply

Akamai publishes its State of the Internet Security Report for the third quarter of 2015. It appears that DDoS activity in the third quarter of 2015 increased by 23 percent compared to the second quarter of 2015; this corresponds to an increase of 180 percent compared to the third quarter of 2014.

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Digital in the classroom

Whether in the classroom or in the lecture hall - the smartphone is always with you. However, it is rarely used - in the context of lessons or in seminars. Maybe the students are allowed to google something or texts are sent by email. Not more. The didactic potential is not used. However, it is only a matter of time before mobile devices will play a completely different role in the classroom.

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Apple makes Swift open source

Swift is programming language that provides software developers with the functionality they need to create the next generation of software. Contributions from developers will help make Swift even better and available on more platforms. Swift is licensed under the well-known Apache 2.0 Open Source License with a Runtime Library Exception.

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Our app, our night sky, our research

Skyglow is what scientists call the phenomenon that makes our night ever brighter through increasing artificial lighting. What effect does the conversion of street lights to LEDs have on the brightness of the sky? The measurements from satellites are unsuitable for this, however. In the “Myskyatnight” project, laypeople can determine the brightness of the sky. A web-based application offers tools to visualize and analyze the data obtained yourself.

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New insights into the creation of heavy elements

Alpha particles play a crucial role in the formation of heavier elements. Carbon arises, for example, from the fusion of three alpha particles. If another helium nucleus is added, oxygen is formed - another prerequisite for the development of earthly life. A team of researchers is presenting a new method with which these birth processes inside stars can be simulated in detail on supercomputers.

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The self-catering houseboat

A life away from car noise and exhaust fumes - more and more people are drawn to the water. Energy self-sufficient floating houses not only fulfill this attitude towards life, but also stimulate the economy. Medium-sized companies, industry, universities and two Fraunhofer institutes work hand in hand in the autartec project.

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Future of informational self-determination

What role should data protection play in our society and how will informational self-determination work in the future. One point repeats itself: What about data economy? Data economy means avoiding personal data as much as possible during processing and reducing this data to the extent that is really necessary for the defined purpose.

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Make apps more successful

The Landshut University of Applied Sciences is working on setting up the “Mobile Business & Social Media” competence center. As part of the project, the conception and improvement of intelligent, adaptive mobile applications (apps) is examined. The aim is to develop a kind of app construction kit in which individual functions are standardized and can be combined as required.

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Software for fusion test reactor ITER

Scientists are developing the complex software that will be used to operate the ITER fusion test reactor and control the plasma experiments in real time. The software will then be tested on the ASDEX Upgrade fusion system in Garching, which will eventually switch over to the new control system.

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Emotion-sensitive assistance systems

As part of the “EmAsIn” project, scientists are working on new assistance systems for people with affective disorders or dementia. The systems should not only support users with information, but should also recognize the user's communication habits, react accordingly and enable interaction. In this way, they can be developed from a technical tool to a competent companion.

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Laser process simulation available as an app

The simulation of processes in laser material processing has become better and better in recent years. Today, the software can predict relatively well what will happen on the workpiece. Unfortunately, it is highly complex and requires a lot of computing time. Thanks to a clever simplification, simulation software calculates the processes in real time, also on tablets or smartphones.

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AugerPrime is looking for cosmic super accelerators

The Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina, an international large-scale experiment to investigate cosmic rays, is being expanded into "AugerPrime": With the newly added scintillators, the observatory will achieve an even more detailed measurement of huge air showers. This is necessary in order to identify the cosmic objects which can accelerate the atomic particles up to the highest energies.

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TrueCrypt is more secure than expected

The Fraunhofer-SIT has analyzed the encryption software TrueCrypt for security gaps - the result: The cryptographic functions can only be attacked in very rare cases. According to the experts, a security hole that was found at the end of September is generally problematic, but has no relevance for the security of TrueCrypt itself.

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Thieves at second sight

The IBM X-Force security report analyzes the biggest cyber threats of 2015. It turns out that professional thieves in the company network are mostly only discovered by chance. Blackmail Trojans are still on the rise. The danger from insiders is growing. The topic of IT security has finally reached management levels.

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Robots for distant planets

Which robot is best prepared to explore alien planets? At the DLR SpaceBot Camp, the NimbRo team from the University of Bonn was the only one of ten candidates to succeed in solving all the tasks on a modeled Martian landscape with the robot Momaro.

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The smartphone - the best friend

The use of the Internet in almost all life situations is part of everyday life for many users. The result is a close bond with smartphones, tablets or laptops. Kaspersky Lab shows where German users use the Internet, where the cyber threats lie and why cyber-psychological effects strengthen the close bond between people and devices.

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Germany under pressure to act

The digital change can be demonstrated in all areas of the economy. “Data are the raw material of the future.” This is how Chancellor Angela Merkel positioned herself on an initiative by the German government. Among other things, she focused on promoting data protection and data security in her own country. At the same time, she called on large and medium-sized companies to find a solution.

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Effective measurement of dark energy

Astrophysicists from the University of Göttingen involved in upgrading a telescope in Texas that has been equipped with new telescope optics and new super spectrographs over the past two years. They contributed central components that are responsible for threading the starlight into the optical fibers when illuminating the spectrograph.

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Puzzle antimatter

Researchers have developed a highly integrated particle sensor to search for clues. With these experiments, scientists are investigating the question of why there is no significant occurrence of antimatter in today's universe.

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How contaminated is your area?

High-voltage lines, radio masts, but also smartphones or tablets - electromagnetic fields are omnipresent in our environment. Many citizens are concerned. There is still a lack of conclusive studies on risk assessment. As a precautionary measure, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection recommends increased research in order to expand the current state of knowledge and to provide the population with comprehensive information.

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