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Plucking eyebrows: the best tips and tricks

Expressive eyebrows have become an all-time trend in recent years. Many women want eyebrows like Cara Delevingne or Jessica Alba. We'll show you how to pluck beautiful eyebrows.

A shaped eyebrow defines the face and gives it a great expression. But it is not easy to conjure up a really beautifully defined brow from a normally growing brow. It is best to have a professional do the job at the beginning and then just pluck. But of course you can also lend a hand yourself right from the start!

We will show you how to get perfectly beautiful and defined eyebrows step by step and which products you need for them.

Say goodbye to annoying hairs and bushy eyebrows!

What do you need to pluck your eyebrows optimally?

Tweezers: The tweezers are THE tool to pluck your eyebrows into the desired shape. The name is derived from the French (pince = pliers and pincer = pinch, pinch). The wide, slightly beveled tweezers are best for plucking eyebrows.

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Magnifying mirror:With a magnifying mirror, short or blonde hair can be discovered and plucked more easily.

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Eyebrow brush:Before plucking, get your eyebrows going with an eyebrow brush so that you catch every hair.

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Instructions for plucking eyebrows - this is how it works step by step

Step 1: determine the shape of the face

The first step is to determine the shape of your face. Do you have an oval or square face? This can be used later to determine which eyebrow shape best suits your face.

What is your face shape?

Step 2: determine the shape of the eyebrows

Choose the right ideal shape of the eyebrows for your face:

Step 3: Follow the basic rules for plucking eyebrows

  1. The eyebrow should be a little thicker on the inside and thin on the outside.
  2. In the middle, the eyebrow should not exceed the nostril.
  3. The highest point of the eyebrow should be around 2/3, in the last third the brow drops.
  4. The brow ends on the outside, where the nostrils and the outermost point of the eye meet on a line.

Step 4: brush your eyebrows

To ensure that the eyebrows point in the right direction when plucking, they should get the hair moving before plucking with an eyebrow brush.

Step 5: plucking eyebrows

Grasp each hair individually with the tweezers and always pluck in the direction of growth so that the hair does not break off. With a pair of pointed tweezers you can easily catch the fine hairs between the brows.

Step 6: cool the skin

After plucking, you can cool the irritated and reddened skin with an ice cube. The ice cube prevents the skin from swelling. It is also advisable to apply a soothing cream to irritated skin areas for sensitive skin.

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Our professional tips for plucking eyebrows

A good pair of tweezers

Buy good pair of tweezers. Tweezers with a flat, angled tip are best for plucking the eyebrows. So you are guaranteed to get hold of every hair.

Pluck your eyebrows after showering

We recommend plucking your eyebrows after showering. Why? Because then the pores are open. Plucking is easier and less painful. Alternatively, you can do a facial steam bath beforehand. This also opens the pores.

Cool after plucking

The skin around the eyebrows is irritated after plucking and may be red or swollen. It is best to cool the skin with an ice cube to soothe the skin.

Only pluck below the brow arch

Pluck your eyebrows just below the brow arch. Otherwise, you may pluck too many hairs on top and deform the natural shape of the eyebrow.

Powder eyebrows

Before plucking, simply run the powder brush over your eyebrows. The powder makes the surface of the hair more grippy and you can grasp fine eyebrow hairs much easier with the tweezers!

Alternatives to plucking eyebrows

Don't want to pluck your eyebrows? There are also other methods to shape the eyebrows:

Cold wax strips

Fine hair in particular can be removed quickly and easily with cold wax strips. The strips are less suitable for shaping the eyebrows, as individual hairs - especially those that are very close to the optimal brow shape - are very difficult to remove.

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Thread technique

The origin of the thread technique lies in Persia. Lending a hand yourself becomes more difficult with this method, but of course it is not impossible. However, we recommend that you consult a specialist for this method. The advantages of the thread technique are that even fine hairs on the forehead are removed. In addition, the thread technique is less painful.

More tips for perfect eyebrows

to color eyebrows

Do you have light eyebrows? The easiest method for beautiful eyebrows is and remains coloring. We will show you how you can color your eyebrows easily, quickly and naturally.

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Make up and shape eyebrows

Eyebrow gel and eyebrow powder give the brows that certain something. Correctly made-up eyebrows give the face expression for a natural look. But how do you make-up your eyebrows harmoniously and to match your face shape? Find out here.

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WUNDERBROW is also an absolute secret tip. Rubbing it yourself or coming into contact with water cannot harm the product. Sounds fantastic because who doesn't know the problem of eyebrows that vanish into thin air during the day! We tested the product. Find out more here!

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