Can Tekashi 69 refuse witness protection?

Application rejected: 6ix9ine cannot serve remaining prison term at home

Because the security risk for the US rapper in jail was too high, he applied for house arrest. The responsible judge thwarted him.

Contract murder and jail
On November 18, 2018, US rapper 6ix9ine was arrested, handcuffed and put in custody. The former member of the notorious “Trey Nine Bloods Gangsters” had not only financed the gang, but was also involved in armed robberies, threatened other people and single-handedly committed a contract killing. The assassination attempt on rapper Chief Keef was still - and luckily - failed, the shooting on June 2, 2018 in front of the “W Hotel” in New York's Times Square made global headlines and ultimately ensured that Kooda B was brought to justice against his former Buddy testified. 6ix9ine is said to have offered Anthony Ellison, Denard Butler and Kintea “Kooda B” McKenzie around $ 20,000 in the hope that he could bury his rival a little later ...

"Today Kintea McKenzie pleaded guilty and confessed that he was responsible for the Times Square shooting," said court-supplied attorney Geoffrey S. Berman in an official statement, adding, "In coordination with Tekashi 6ix9ine and other members the 'Nine Trey' gang, McKenzie shot a member of a rival gang. We will continue to work with the police to ensure that our communities are safe and that acts of violence are exposed and all criminals arrested. ”

Two years in prison
In order to save his own head, 6ix9ine had finally confessed to all deeds and dragged various members of his former gang into the mess. Thanks to his cooperation with the public prosecutor's office, the “STOOPID” rapper was able to reduce his prison sentence from 47 to just two years and has been fearing for his life ever since. As the journalists from “TMZ” reported, his lawyer Lance Larraro has already applied for house arrest and hoped that his client can spend the last eleven remaining months at home. Because the security risk for the US rapper in jail was too high, they wanted to get the action approved. He still does not give the responsible judge the green light for the application, instead Daniel Hernandez, his real name, has to continue to sit behind bars. The lawyer admitted that the private prison 69 is staying in does not have rehabilitation programs from other facilities, adding that granting the concern "removes the remaining prison term in favor of lesser detention" and is therefore no longer a measure would.

Girlfriend Jade, who had met the artist shortly before his arrest, was meanwhile sharing another picture with her twink from the correctional facility and declaring that the musician's life was in danger. Translated, she wrote more or less: “They kidnapped you, they had sex with your child's mother, they were caught planning your assassination on the phone and they are taking millions of you. If you betray others, people will want to kill you for the rest of your life. And if you don't, you will go to prison for 47 years, in which they will also kill you because they have already talked about it. "

6ix9ine has meanwhile been evacuated from a prison and taken to another institution. Where the rapper is at the editorial time has not been confirmed. Meanwhile, he is said to have already rejected the option of a witness protection program.