What are the best sunglasses for 2020

Sunglasses trends 2020:
The most beautiful forms

As soon as the first rays of sun appear - regardless of whether in March or May - it begins Sunglasses time! You wear the tinted glasses on your nose again and the world in new colors. They show themselves from pink to green Sunglasses trends 2020 especially versatile in the coming season. Everything is allowed! I will now show you which models of accessories the designers are now declaring to be a trend :)

1. Sunglasses trends 2020: Shield glasses

Shield sunglasses stand for: Back to the future! The futuristic looking glasses look like a symbiosis of ski goggles and space. With the transparent glasses in all rainbow colors, they exude futuristic charm.


2. Oversized square sunnies

Breakfast at Tiffany's sends greetings: The sunglasses Must Haves 2020 are also joined by the oversized retro model with square glasses and a diva look. You can hide behind it and give your look a touch of glamor.


3. Sunglasses trends 2020: playful shapes & colors

It continues with extravagant sunglasses shapes. As a heart, flower, cat-eye or butterfly - the new season's glasses focus on feminine maximalism. There are also no rules in terms of color: candy colors and glitter details create a playful look.


4. The new micro-shades

The so-called micro glasses have been celebrating their comeback for several seasons. They are among the sunglasses trends in a newly interpreted form. While the mini sunglasses of the last few months hardly had a frame and offered little protection for the eyes, they are now more vintage-inspired and come with acetate frames in dark tones.


5. Sunglasses Trends 2020: Flat Aviators

The Ray-Ban brand made aviator glasses famous. The iconic shape is reinterpreted in spring and summer - in all possible colors, with different frames and with a straight line at the top.