How many entrepreneurs are dropouts

Dropouts: doers or deniers of reality?

The same pattern day in and day out: get up at 6 a.m., get ready, go to work. Leave the office in the late afternoon and go home. Do various leisure activities between work and sleep. Vacation at some point. Year for year. Many people find this process too predictable and monotonous. once Dropouts to be, to evade social constraints, to do something crazy - that is the dream of many people. This often conceals the view that life here is too monotonous and, above all, too restrictive. And the belief that it would be better elsewhere. We are investigating the question of whether this is an escape or an opportunity ...

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Dropout definition: what does this mean?

The term dropout describes a person who breaks radically with their previous life. They reject the norms and forms of social coexistence for themselves and try one different way of life.

According to a definition by Socioweb, a joint project in the social affairs and business psychology departments of the Northeast Lower Saxony University of Applied Sciences, dropouts are people who ...

Refuse to accept the obligations that adult members of a society have to deal with in solving existing problems: Mostly they withdraw into an illusory world in which they often live withdrawn in rural areas without reference to reality and largely renouncing the usual consumption.

A Criticism of the performance society related: More and more people suffer from burnout or depression, so turning away from everything that currently defines the life of a future dropout is recommended.

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Leaving society: new or always present?

The thought is on Exit as a panacea Not that new at all: In the 19th century, pharmacy assistant August Engelhardt set out for the South Seas to the German colony of German New Guinea and acquired the island of Kabakon.

There he wanted Ideas for the life reform movement how to indulge in vegetarianism and nudism and realize one's religious ideas of a sun order. One might think that dropouts are at least a modern phenomenon due to their very individualistic way of life.

After all, it is above all modern - and mostly Western - societies that are strongly oriented towards the individual, while the community (unlike in traditional societies) does not play such a major role. But ideas of how an individual is shape his life are probably as old as mankind.

Because various examples of hermits have been known since ancient times - be it the well-known Greek philosopher Diogenes, who is said to have lived in a large barrel for a time - or at the latest since the third century AD people who take up a tradition of the Coptic Church in the Egyptian Desert went.

Even in the middle in densely populated Europe dropouts can isolate themselves from society. The hermitage offers religious people the opportunity to reflect on their own thoughts, completely secluded and often only equipped with the most elementary.

Meaning: Get out of everyday life, into adventure?

I want to drop out, I'm fed up! perhaps one or the other who plans to think of his to turn your back on current life. But it's easy to say - how does a life like a dropout, self-sufficient?

Especially since life as a religiously pious monk does not suit everyone. The life paths of dropouts also run not necessarily the same. In one case, it may seem like an exit to a top manager if he simply shifts down one or two gears through downshifting and thereby gains a better quality of life.

For the next one, the only option is a radical break with previous life: This can be a job change in relation to professional life. Or it will be a holistic approach Chosen and abandoned the house or apartment, sold all the furniture, left family and friends behind and searched for the distance in the best globetrotter fashion.

There are dropouts like the survival expert Rüdiger Nehberg, who was known in the eighties and who led a life in nature. More precisely: in the Brazilian jungle. There he lived on insects and got by without water for two days. From these experiences and in contact with local peoples he developed into a human rights activist.

Before that he had one bourgeois life Run as an independent pastry chef in Hamburg. However, life in the forest is not for everyone either. Civilization offers not only constraints, but also comfort like running water and hygienewhich, not least, has significantly reduced female mortality in industrialized countries.

Reasons: Why people drop out

The most obvious reason why someone drops out has already been observed more frequently in sociological terms. For some people it is Escape from her previous life. They feel overwhelmed with the expectations of others, they feel controlled by others.

This dissatisfaction can be related to age. Because for many people mean round birthdays kind of a cash drop. You start to ponder:

  • Who am I?
  • What are my goals?
  • What did i achieve?
  • Where do i want to go
  • How much time do I have?

Instead of yourself, however to deal with it in more detailwhat they have to do, some people simply decide that it has to be different. How this “differently” is defined is unclear - and so they are on the run from themselves. Instead of dealing with relationship problems or constant conflicts with colleagues, the desert is preferred.

As a backpacker through the world, nowhere long enough to get to know someone better and move on quickly enough not to get on anyone's nerves. That is also a bit of irresponsibility by moral obligations be hidden.

Of course, not everyone who takes a long break is automatically irresponsible and incapable of relationships. Apart from the duration, of course, the motivation plays a role. Lead with some personal crises like the midlife crisis or a serious illness, to deal more closely with your own wishes.

As a dropout his To turn life around, can also mean that someone wants to be completely with himself, wants to ground himself. Getting out of the hamster wheel that may have left someone feeling trapped in an inescapable routine.

Tips for dropouts: this is how it can work

Depending on how final or radical you want your exit to be, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself beforehand. It can no universal solution give, but only suggestions and tips on what to consider.

  • Clarify your finances.

    Everyone has to live on something. If you do not draw any money from your own real estate or other assets, you have to deal with what money is available to you for what period of time or how much money you actually need.

    At this point, you should start to get rid of unnecessary subscriptions and other monthly expenses - if you are traveling, you no longer need a TV or Internet connection.

  • Reflect on your needs.

    This also includes reflecting on your minimum requirements. Some can imagine camping in the open air, others need four walls. Unless you are Croesus, you will have to limit your consumption behavior.

    In general, a life as a dropout often means separating things that have no immediate utility, minimalism, so to speak.

  • Find out about conditions.

    You should have a Plan B when you run out of money. Those who do not take long-term vacation or have to end their life abruptly as a dropout will have to work. Sometimes you can count on the altruism of others who will provide you with free accommodation, carpooling or even food.

    In other cases, however, you will urgently need money - be it for phone calls with your family or flights to your next destination. However, the regulations on who is allowed to work where abroad differ greatly from those in Germany. Earning opportunities such as work and travel should be well prepared.

  • Learn to let go.

    Even when you're single, there are still people who can't be alone. However, if you want to travel around world history as a dropout, you should be able to let go in several ways. This is not just about refraining from consuming and restricting comfort.

    Chances are, you won't see your family and friends for a long time. One more reason to discuss your project with your closest social circle. In return, you can now experience a feeling of freedom and self-sufficiency.

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