How do I buy Supreme

It's 12 o'clock I'm going to buy Supreme. Almost everyone knows the brand, which has gained more and more hype in recent years. Despite the somewhat overpriced prices, more and more people are interested in the brand and try to pick up one or the other piece of the drops. The reason for this could be the significantly expensive price in the resell game, which can rise immeasurably shortly afterwards.

Since the drops take place every Thursday at 12 noon, it is of course very possible to prepare for them. The individual parts are strictly limited and you almost always only have a few seconds to secure one. Likewise, it is almost impossible to secure coveted pieces, as these are usually sold out within 10 seconds. There are numerous bots online for this, which drastically improve your chances. However, these are not exactly cheap and are not welcomed.

In the meantime, Supreme or other larger brands are counteracting this by placing the hyped pieces in other, atypical categories in order to prevent a purchase with the bot.

Now the question arises, is it still possible to buy a part from Supreme? Basically yes, because not every item is hyped when it is announced and is sold out immediately. However, it should be clear that you limit yourself to one piece before buying.

How do I buy from Supreme now?

What do I need for this?

  • Computer / laptop
  • Credit card (no PayPal)
  • Google Chrome

Computer / laptop

That should go without saying, so I won't lose too much on it. The whole thing would of course also be possible from a mobile phone or tablet, but I find it much easier and more convenient to use the computer.

Credit card

For some time now, Supreme has also been offering purchases via PayPal, but the loading times are significantly higher because you first have to log in to PayPal when checking out and confirm the purchase there separately, which already entails enormous loading times. So I recommend using a credit card. I always do this personally.

Google Chrome

For the purchase at Supreme I actually always use Chrome, as this has an auto-fall function by default, which brings significant time savings later when buying. There are also add-ons for auto-fill, but individual extensions are blocked by Supreme itself.

Since the normal view of the shop on the start page is unsuitable for targeted shopping, you should first go to the following URL: You will then find the entire range of the drop in a kind of grid shape. This makes shopping much easier and you at least have a reasonable overview. I got this url btw. also saved as a bookmark to quickly return to the overview page.

Then you should think about which piece your main focus is on. For example, if it's on a T-shirt, you go to the Shirts category and you can save it as a bookmark. The same goes for the cart. You should also save this as a bookmark, because if the system should be overloaded, you can easily get to your shopping cart at the push of a button and start the checkout again.

Now comes the decisive and last step, because now you put a completely arbitrary article that is still available in the shopping cart and confirm it. Then you give your complete data and tick the field "save address". With the credit card, you come up with something. You then confirm the purchase, which is canceled with an error because the credit card is not valid. However, Supreme thinks that the purchase was successful and, as you have just selected, saves your complete data for the next purchase.

Now comes the decisive step. You go to the Chrome settings and you have the option to add payment methods under the heading "AutoFill". There you now deposit your real credit card. However, you cannot avoid typing in your three-digit pin code Manuel. Or you can simply copy it using a shortcut and then paste it again.

Should you have done all of this, your setup for the purchase is already in good shape. However, that does not mean that you can now get every piece very easily, because a little luck is part of every purchase. A little tip at the end, don't always look for the absolutely hyped pieces - there are too many bots out there.


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