Should domestic cats be scratched

When is stealing a viable option for cats?

Here are some things you need to do to train your kitten not to use its claws. After all, she's just a kitten right now.

Step 1. Do not play with your hands. If your kitten associates you with a toy, it will only create problems later. They want to be associated with the person who feeds them and pets, not as a scratching post. Throw her a joke toy, play with a feather on a string - toys she can play with with you, but not the bad way. It is important to note that she is only playing like she would with other kittens. It's just that you're not a kitten so you have to teach her how to play differently.

Step 2. The second she scratches you knocks her off and ignores her. Stop playing for a while. It will take time, but she will understand that once she uses her claws, she will no longer be able to play. If you think there is a need to level up, you can put her in a room on her own for a few minutes.

Step 3. Make sure you are establishing a good relationship between your toddler and kitten. Children stress cats because they are so rough. Rough people encourage rough cats.

Most of all, be patient. She's just a kitten and she doesn't know any better. Since you cannot communicate with words, she watches your actions in order to learn.