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The Android simulation is intended to show Apple users what it would be like to hold a Samsung Galaxy in their hands. You can even start apps. Sometimes demos run, for example in the camera app, or user dialogues are shown: Just like it would be the case with a real Android phone.

The iTest web app from Samsung is not a classic app that has to be installed via the app store. Rather, it is a so-called progressive web app that lands as an icon on the desktop, but works exclusively with web technologies such as HTML / CSS and Javascript.

No installation via the app store required

After entering the iTest website, you will be asked to add this page to your home screen. A normal app icon will then appear on your iPhone, which you can tap to immerse yourself in the user experience of the Galaxy smartphones.

We had a lot of fun with the simulation, even if of course we still give priority to the iPhone because of the ecosystem alone. Incidentally, the simulation shows something else, which Samsung does not necessarily intend, but is a nice bonus: Web apps are now so powerful and fast that in many cases it is not even worthwhile to get a native app for the app store develop.

What do you say to iTest? Write your opinion in the comment fields below the news, we are very curious!

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