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How to start in the GO Battle League Pokémon GO: Overview, tips and rewards

The GO battle league is in full swing and is bidding Pokémon GOTrainers a fabulous way to prove their martial arts, earn lots of stardust, and encounter rare Pokémon. Trainer Battles are also a great way to compete with Pokémon that may not be the best choice for Raid Battles, such as Pokémon. B. Pokémon with lower CP that are better on defense than offense.

At first glance, it might seem like there is a lot to learn about Coach Fights and the GO Fighting League, but these fast-paced and fun fights are quick to grab. Here's everything you need to know to fight your way to the top ranks - from the GO Battle League rating system to key considerations when building your team. In no time at all, you'll move to the top of the ranks!

You can unlock a set of five Trainer Battles in the GO Battle League by walking three kilometers. You will receive rewards for every fight you win in one set, and your rank may increase after completing all five fights. When you've completed a set of battles, you can unlock another by walking another three kilometers. Any distance you cover while a set is still in progress counts towards the distance you need to unlock the next set. So it is possible that you will have more fights available immediately afterwards. If not, you can also spend PokéCoins to unlock the next set of battles and get going right away. The number of PokéCoins required decreases the closer you get to the 3 km target.

When you are ready to fight, you will choose a team and be assigned a coach of a rank similar to yours. So you don't have to worry about having to fight a coach right from the start who has already won many GO battle league victories.

You start in the GO battle league at rank 1. You climb the first ranks by fighting, regardless of whether you win or lose, but you will soon find that you have to win fights in order to make further progress. When you reach the higher ranks, you can also see your rating. This is the numerical representation of your performance. Target Rank 10 - the highest rank you can achieve in the GO Battle League.

Ranks are more than just a number - the higher you go, the better the rewards for winning battles. One of the most important reasons to improve your rank is the variety of Pokémon encounters that you can then earn as rewards. The selection of Pokémon that you can encounter as a reward in the GO Battle League increases with your rank and you can only encounter the rarest Pokémon when your rank is near the top. It's much easier to get these encounters as rewards if you use a Premium Battle Pass (formerly called Premium Raid Pass) before starting a set of battles. When you do this, you will follow the premium combat path, which means that you will have to win far fewer fights to deserve the encounter.

Coach fights in Pokémon GO take place in one of three different leagues - each league has its own WP upper limit. The GO-Kampfliga often only offers one of these leagues at the same time and changes regularly during each season in rotation. You have to learn to fight well in each league so as not to let the flow of rewards get stuck. The strategy of the Trainer Battles remains the same no matter which Pokémon you use, but the Pokémon that experienced Trainers prefer vary from league to league.

The Super League is the easiest league to get started with, because only Pokémon with a maximum of 1,500 CP can participate. The most important thing to remember about the Super League is that Pokémon species that have a relatively low maximum number of CPs compared to other species can fight on an equal footing in this league due to the low CP cap. Pokémon like Azumarill, Meditalis, and Altaria aren't often found in the other two leagues, but in the Super League, these Pokémon can be the key to victory.

The Hyper League has a WP cap of 2,500 for participating Pokémon. In the Hyperleague you will see more Legendary Pokémon, especially defensively inclined Legendary Pokémon like Registeel, Giratina in Altered Form and Cresselia, which have less maximum CP than some of the other powerful Legendary Pokémon. But don't be fooled by the presence of these Legendary Pokémon - tons of other Pokémon do very well in the Hyper League too. Many of the first partner Pokémon with exclusive Community Day attacks, such as B. Bisaflor with Flora statue and Sumpex with Aqua Dove are also extremely popular in this league.

All Pokémon, regardless of the WP, can participate in the Master League. As expected, trainers in this league prefer Pokémon with many maximum CP. Pokémon that shine in this league are often good choices for raid battles, so training Pokémon like Mewtwo, Kyogre, Groudon and Giratina in their original form to their maximum power is worth twice as much. However, some Pokémon that are not often encountered in raid battles are still powerful fighters in the Master League. These include B. Mew, Dialga and Giratina in changing form.

Putting together a team for Trainer Battles is not easy, and your success can also depend on which Pokémon your opponent uses. To improve your chances as much as possible, it's a good idea to choose a team of Pokémon that can compensate for each other's weaknesses as much as possible - you shouldn't come up with three Pokémon that have weaknesses against Fire attacks, go into battle and then be wiped out by a single charizard.

It's also important to consider which Pokémon your opponents are most likely to use. There are a few Pokémon in every league that many Trainers prefer. If you're a fan of these Pokémon, you might want to create your own teams with them. But whether you use the most popular Pokémon or not, make sure you have Pokémon on your team that can handle them. For example, Dragon Pokémon such as Giratina are popular in the Hyper and Master League, so that many trainers use Pokémon with the Fairy Instant Attack Charm, usually Pixi or Togekiss, to gain an advantage against Dragon Pokémon. Pay attention to the Pokémon you often encounter in battle and make sure you are well prepared for them.

If you've preferred to do raid battles and are just starting out with Trainer Battles, it's a good idea to add Pokémon that are great for Trainer Battles to the Pokémon you've leveled up.

Many Trainers have so far used their resources to train Pokémon that can deal a lot of damage quickly, to finish in Raid Battles before the end of the time and to earn as many Premier Balls as possible. In Trainer Battles, you should pay balanced attention to the stats of your Pokémon. A match is about knocking out three Pokémon before knocking out your own three Pokémon, so taking less damage is just as valuable as dealing more. If you were surprised to see Transformed Pokémon like Registeel and Giratina on our list, you should probably expand your team.

Aside from your Pokémon's stats, there are other important things to consider, including the fact that not all instant attacks fill the attack meter equally quickly and that some charge attacks charge faster than others. Pokémon that fill up their Attack Meters faster and Charge Attacks that recharge faster are popular choices for Trainer Battles, largely because they can force the opponent to use their shields. For example, Sumpex is a common choice because it can quickly recharge its attack meter with its Instant Clay Shot attack, and its exclusive Community Day recharge attack, Aquahaubitze, fully recharges quickly.

Since all Trainers compete under the same conditions, it is important to get as much out of your Pokémon as possible so that they are not disadvantaged. In addition to the type of Pokémon you choose, there are two other main factors: the WP of your Pokémon and the attacks they can make.

WP are easy to understand, but it's surprisingly tricky to optimize. WP are a representation of a Pokémon's power, so the WP of your Pokémon should generally be as close as possible to the maximum number of WPs allowed (or as high as possible in the Master League). The CP of each individual Pokémon can differ from other Pokémon of the same type due to their values. You can find out more about a Pokémon's stats by having it rated.

If you click the button on a Pokémon's detail page Power-up If you tap, you can see how much the Pokémon's WP will increase when you use the power-up. By calculating the difference between the Pokémon's old and new CPs, you can get an idea of ​​the approximate number of CPs it gains with each power-up. If you're training a Pokémon for the Super League, you might want to pull out that old calculator to see if your Pokémon will hit the jackpot and land close to but below 1,500 WP or, unfortunately, jump from 1,460 to over 1,500 before you Spending a lot of stardust.

It's helpful to remember that the Attack Rating affects a Pokémon's HP more than the Defense Rating and HP. Some trainers are very precise with their Pokémon and prefer to use Pokémon with a lower attack value and higher defense value and more HP in order to get a little more power out of the lower WP.It takes a lot of stardust to train 1A Pokémon - you should make sure you're happy with your Pokémon before you start investing in Stardust.

Sometimes it costs even more stardust to teach a Pokémon a second Charge Attack than to level it up. Your candies and stardust will be particularly bad if you teach a rarer Pokémon, especially a Legendary Pokémon, a second attack, but it is a huge disadvantage in combat if your Pokémon only know a single Charge Move. If your Pokémon has an Extra Charge Attack, you can teach it Charge Attacks of two different types to make it less likely that your Pokémon will get stuck in a fight against an enemy it can barely harm.

Lastly, it's important that your Pokémon have the best moves for your strategy. “Best” can mean a lot of different things - maybe you want your Pokémon to be able to make attacks that are very effective against a specific Pokémon, or maybe you want to maximize the damage done by attacks of its own type. Either way, it's worth using a few TMs to help your Pokémon learn the moves you want. It would be a shame if you were narrowly defeated in battle just because your Pokémon didn't have the right moves!

We hope this overview will help you get started, but to become the very best in the GO Battle League, there are some things you need to find out simply through experience. Try to get a feel for which Pokémon do best in the first place on the team, when to use your shields, and when to swap out your Pokémon (if you swap your Pokémon, you'll have to wait a long time before swapping again can!).

If you have a few Premium Battle Passes (formerly Premium Raid Passes), feel free to use them if you feel strong at your current rank. The rewards are vastly different, especially if you don't win all five fights. You get twice as much stardust as normal and you get the valuable Pokémon encounter much easier as a reward.

We hope to see you ranked 10th soon, Trainer! Good luck and keep checking back at for news and strategies Pokémon GO and other Pokémon games and apps.