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How to catch perch in the winter on mormyshka? Mormyshki for winter perch fishing

Many fishermen, representatives of the stronger sex, really like winter fishing. This is a way to test your stamina and a good rest in the company of like-minded friends and a great way to switch, abandoned for a while from domestic worries and problems at work. Today we catch a perch in winter on mormyshka. A fascinating and interesting activity!

We catch a pole in winter on mormyshku on the river

It almost sounds like a poetic line! But in general, this activity requires certain skills and abilities from the fisherman (again in the rhyme). Catching is carried out through holes or an ice hole using special equipment. There are also secrets that die-hard fishermen can tell about.

Active rod

In early winter, when the ice was just beginning, some species of fish become lethargic, even hibernating. But of course, perch does not apply to them. He continues to feed himself during the winter period, keeping much of the previous activity. In addition, it is a predatory fish and it must constantly eat animal feed even in winter.

Preparing a place for fishing

How to catch perch in the winter on mormyshka? First we prepare a place for ourselves. The water has turned to ice and this allows you to get to the previously inaccessible parts of the river. It is possible and "spot" to catch perch near obstacles. If ice is transparent, then you need to use camouflage: hay, stick, cloth. You are better to sketch or put on ice and the "clever" fish will not notice you. The cloudy, not frosty, almost windless weather is best for a fishing trip. Wells are best to drill a few five meters from each other. We remove the ice with ice, throw the equipment and keep catching.

How to catch perch in the winter on mormyshka? equipment

It is said that this method of fishing was known inMoscow after the revolution, but the special popularity and widespread use of catching mormyshkoy (on mormyshku) received in the years after World War II. What's this? Tack for fishing consists of rods (small enough - up to forty centimeters). It is equipped with a handle on one side and a nod on the other, the opposite. To make the bar more comfortable in the hand, the handle is usually made of foam or cork. The nod is also of great importance. It should be easy to see even a small bite of the perch, which will make fishing more effective. The nod is made of metal springs, plastic, nipples - it's on your own hands. The coil can be inertia. The line is thin but strong. Because the perch is a fish that can resist. At the end of the line is the Mormyshka itself. Additional floats, weights, lines are usually not used.


That is a very juicy word! It comes from the Russian "Mormysh" - small-scale freshwater crab. The device itself consists of a small pellet made from lead or alloys. The hook is soldered into it. Sometimes the shapes vary to attract the attention of fish with different proportions of color. On the back, the line is attached to the structure. Thus the Mormyschka plays the sinker and the hook at the same time. And in Beznisadnye Mormyshkah - and bait. How to catch a perch in the winter on mormyshka!

Forms and types of Mormys

There are round (ball, pellet) and semicircular. Rhomboid in the form of maggots, flies. Drops that resemble a drop. And also double ant. It is popular to catch perch in winter on mormyshka "uralochka", for example. We remind you that perch is a predatory fish. Therefore, tackle should be perceived as a small bait of animal origin. Typically in Mormyshk soldered a hook (cat's eye, cobra). But if two - is called a goat. Three hooks - one devil. Witch - with a hanging, unsoldered crochet. Mosquito larvae and sorrel are usually used as bait. Catch and on the "naked" mormyshku or on the hook colored bambrique, attracts fish, as well as wind colored thread.

At the beginning of winter

Catching in winter on mormyshku in January will be more successful if you use simple fishing tricks. Here are some of them.

Combine the method of vertical installation and catching Mormyshka. For the first stage we use a winter short spinning with a bright shine or a balancer (which is better and more modern). Blesna from afar attracts a perch, it is believed its appearance, and the fish swims closer to the holes. After flashing (no more than three to five times), you can start frying holes with the help of a jigging tackle. At the beginning of winter, the perch is quick and ready to feed. Hence the fisherman's problem is greatly simplified. The most important thing here is to try to interest the striped predator. Move the bait vertically and jump. You can even stir some mud and algae on the bottom to attract fish's attention (sediment will be created). Mormyshka should play at small intervals, like a fish moving up and down. Then a perch can really take them and peck. How to catch perch in the winter on mormyshka? Pivot the rod close enough to the hole (and in strong winds - up to 30 centimeters). Try to respond to bites immediately and the first catch won't keep you waiting. In general, for the perch in the beginning of winter, there is no need to hunt. As a rule, he likes to come to the traditional feeding places and strong pecks himself. That is, and like all lovers of fishing - bite and fish for perch in January.

In the deafness

This is not the case with fishing in the middlewinter, in the frosty frosts. Catching perch in the winter on Mormyshku in pigeon mowing can sometimes end sadly: you have to return home, and not at all without prey. The thing is that the perch, willingly pecking Mormyshki at the beginning of winter, loses its playful mood. Some, even seasoned fishermen seriously believe that the perch cannot be caught at this point. That is not completely right. There are a few tips that can help you get back from fishing with one catch.

In the frosts of perch, it is worth looking for algae on the border. There are large numbers of fried fish that are the main food of the predator. Fry attracts a flock of perch, and you can catch them if predators react to your mormyshku.

Perch also prefers the boundaries of the bays, away from the fast currents on the river. It increases the chance of catching it.

If, in your opinion, you have chosen the right place, you can catch and catch. But the whole difficulty is that the perch is not that good at deaf-mouthed response to mormyshka and mosquito larvae. Experienced anglers therefore advise combining a morme with a lightning bolt in several holes. Maybe this way brings luck?

Deep fishing also plays an important role in deafness. But even then, it's almost impossible to guess the bite. Sometimes in the depths, sometimes from half-water, the bite of a rod begins. Naughty fish, what can you do. This is probably why many fishermen just prefer to wait for this perch, which is unpleasant for fishing - numbness!

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