How do you see an earthy person

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    Could it be that they are older eggs? Sometimes you miss eggs in the nest ...

    I once received a complaint from a woman who irregularly fetches eggs from me. Once she came up and said the breakfast eggs tasted weird.
    I didn't think anything about it yet, since no complaints came from other customers and I was never able to find anything myself.
    She took 10 eggs again.
    Then it came after 6 weeks !! with a freshly boiled and halved egg (as proof) and complained that the eggs were bad ..... yes, of course an egg can be bad after 6 weeks * g * She really thought that you can keep it forever.

    Older eggs also taste kind of earthy a few days before they tip over. In the past, eggs were preserved by soaking them in lime. These eggs also got an earthy taste.

    If the eggs are not older, a porous shell might be an option ... Eggs quickly take on odors.

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    -How many times has it happened?
    8x in total that I know of

    -What are you feeding? Which feed?
    Organic laying grain from Reudink

    what do you have on the run?
    At the moment rather dusty, despite 650 square meters and 20 chickens! Otherwise currant bushes, lots of nettles, dock, what just creeps and flies

    What do you feed every now and then? What kitchen scraps?
    Wheat, barley, from time to time there is cottage cheese, cucumber and dried mealworms

    -What does your spout look like? More green, more dust?

    -How were the exact tastes defined by the different? Didn't everyone say "earthy", did they?
    yes, everyone actually said it earthy. One person said weird, whereupon I said "earthy" and they said: that's exactly what it is!

    - What was the smell of those eggs like?
    if. as they say in medicine ;-) So they didn't smell or look unusual. Neither inside nor from the shell

    - Anything else you can think of, write it down .... maybe we will find the culprit .... In my opinion it MUST be something to do with the food. If you feed fish, the eggs taste fishy too ...

    If it really has to do with the food, shouldn't all the eggs in the "batch" / of the day of all the chickens taste like it?
    Strangely, it has only been on for about 4 months. Before that I had no problems in this regard. Of course, it is also possible that I have previously given said eggs to my customers and they have not said anything.
    Of course, I'm already screwing my brains up. Maybe it's the dried mealworms?

    Maybe I should leave the mealworms out and see if it gets better. Exclusion process, so to speak ...
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