What underwear do you wear for running?

What are you wearing underneath?

Down below

What do you actually wear underneath, i.e. under your underwear when running, cycling or swimming? Are there differences between men and women, i.e. with regard to what men or women wear under their outer clothing, otherwise of course, too, but that's not the point. Should you even wear something underneath or is it enough if you have the sports underwear on bare skin? Question after question, here are the possible answers.

Everything used to be very different. There was no functional underwear yet, cotton came first, and it quickly became so wet and heavy that outsiders could get the impression that you had just fallen into the Old Danube. If you stopped to say hello to someone who had run along, a friend, and to chat with him briefly, you would get icy cold even in summer. Then came the time of the textile industry, you realized that functional underwear was not only more comfortable to go out on, but that you could also make a lot of money. Then came the era of low-cost suppliers, functional underwear became cheaper, but quality pays off not only in function, but also in cut, durability and appearance. And costs accordingly, as before, and that will probably not (can) be changed.

The advantage of functional underwear is that it usually fits tightly and transports sweat from the skin to the outer surface of the underwear. What happens there with it depends on the further clothing. If you don't have anything else on, the liquid evaporates into the highest layers of the stratosphere. If you have functional outerwear on, it will be transported on and on and on. Only for those who sweat a lot should be said: At some point the maximum will be reached, and all clothing is soaking wet and heavy. Although you can't be heavier yourself than at the beginning, after all, it's your own sweat. Exception: You top up with excessive liquid ...

The fact is, underwear is not bad, especially in colder temperatures, it keeps you nice and warm. When it's very hot, it is of course rather unnecessary, even in competitions that you want to complete at your personal optimum, you do not need it due to the additional weight, so far we have been talking about running. Real cyclists would never wear underpants anyway, the insert in the cycling shorts ensures a perfect fit anyway, if you ride in different pants, it's your own fault ... Most of them have a tight underbelly under their cycling jersey, the wind can be quite fresh even in summer. Swimmers often put on two bathing trunks because there is more buoyancy, which is also a form of underwear.

One can advise against boxer shorts, as loose as they feel, wolf and vacancies would be preprogrammed. Some swear by "no bottom", that is, no underwear, under tight running pants (short or long, thin or thick), understandable only for those who have never had problems in this way. But there are plenty of them, the runners who just can't imagine that, because otherwise everything is open ... Strings are still popular with sporty women, as well as with the men who run after them. Conversely, there are only a few men who rely on this not exactly lush garment. One thing is clear; Due to the different physical requirements, everyone has their own individual underwear ritual, what is good for one does not have to be right for the other for a long time.