Where can I find termites

Termites in Germany: where do they occur?

When you think of termites, you first think of huge hills in the tropics or the desert. It is hard to imagine that termites live in Germany. In fact, there should be an occurrence in Hamburg.

Termites in Germany: Introduced from North America

There are no original occurrences of termites in Germany. In the 1930s, however, a species of termite was introduced to Hamburg via timber transport from either North America or southern Europe. In 1937 the population was noticed, but it was not mastered.

The termites invaded houses, ate wall coverings, wooden floorboards, roof trusses and door panels, and later even files - and caused great damage. In many cases there was no other way to help than to burn down the dilapidated, uninhabitable houses.

Until today: Occurrence in Hamburg

Nevertheless, the termites survived in Germany. They survive cold winters thanks to the Hamburg district heating network. In order to prevent the destruction of components in the future, scientists from the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin are consistently researching living objects.

Not only the North American yellow-footed termites are examined, but around 25 other species from all over the world, reports the ARD magazine "[W] wie Wissen". This means that Berlin has the largest occurrence of termites in Germany and even in Europe - fortunately behind closed doors.

The aim of the research is to develop a method to eliminate the animals - without individual animals surviving, which can then establish new colonies again. So far it does not seem to have been possible to completely remove the termites in Hamburg. Free termite populations have also been discovered in other major German cities such as Berlin. But apparently none has been as persistent as in Hamburg so far.