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Naval order sheet




3 servig sets for sergeants, as well as for sergeants with families, who are dependent on renting themselves in the location

4 Z-) d 232 family -0-d 7; «I I I of which are paid for the fw of which are paid for the C h a r g e g, E g, S« E J »- X» »z- B e E g E l H E s 233 s» es »f» f ö-? Month M Month N »z le -z IPL» z 1Pf »Z IPf -z IPf -z le li E s Sergeant with or without family J E40 33 I l 2 midshipmen with I 3 NCOs I fk Surplus NCOs 81 s I Il il through ili I s «s Note: The annual contributions are made up of the staff service and the allowance for the budget for 1898 in the amount of the service of the V class i) sa

5 c-) »m 16 O class II III IV FT of which will be Les-VIII of which will be Les-pays for the for which will be paid for dt Y- cn L» I sk- E m Z s LZ s »I Y- EL «ss H; g H E g H g H s g R G g R G »s-: R G g A G J J» F »F M M M M month month month month» H- 3Pf- ixjhpr ALIPL aft IPf MHPL EXCEPT Alt le- JJHPL JØIPL Mk fpf ALle JJHPL l: l










155 10X «") Queenstown 11, "5 12X5 Greenock 16,« 5 (Poststation: Helgoland) OOOO P

16 - - - Kiel "15," O "N Nl NN, 71" 73 "X," 4, X5 29X Kirkwall "4, -5 22," 176 Il Division SMS ,, Baden "(Poststation: Kiel) SMS, , Greif «13J5 (Poststation: Helgo an Wilhellmähaven) Tank Referee Division of the Baltic Sea: SMS ,, Hagen« S, MS -, Aegjr - KreL (Poftftatton Ktel) Tank Reserve Division of the Nordfee: S »MS ,, Frithjof« SMS »Veowurf« Kiel 26 -X4 Wilhelm-Zhaven 2-5 Kiel «5 Wilhelmshaven (Postst9t10ni Kiel 25-4 WIkhelmshaVsns Wilhelm-g-« haven 2-5 4X5 Kiel l Panzerkanonenbootsdivision Danzigt ZEItcer-kal? Lfukn »ssshkss? EDanzig (Poftstation: Danzig) I torpedo boat flotilla: SMS »Vlitz« (flotilla ship) 16, -4 Kiel 28-4 Flensburg 2-5 Aabenraa 5, -5 6, -5 Flensburg (Poststation: Kiel) A Torpedo boat division SM Torpedodivb ,, FI 4 «SM Torpedob» S 82 «NJ ) 7UDFJJ «(L 84« IIJ 85 «, 86L- 87« Kiel 28, -4 B Torpedo Boat Division: rade 5, - «5 SM Torpedodivb» l) 8 «SM Torpedob» s 67 «rr j- 70« ,, m Fig72 "m Flensburg Apen-Flensburg (Poststation: Kiel) Cruiser squadron: I Divis ion SMS" Kaiser "(F1aggschiff) SMS" Jre ne «S M S» Prince Wilhelm «S M S ,, Arcona« Kiautschou 1, «5 Nagasaki - 12 Kiautschou Foochow 25-4« 28-4 Nagasaki Mamla stifosisz H- Hong Kong) Kiautschou9 "5 11X5 Nagasaki Kiautschou

17 8X3 8, -3 18J3 L-'3 CSI- 10J; 3: ') »« ll Division S Germany - «(Flagg- 1 schff) Hougkoug 2-35 Shaughai 4X5I öxös Kiautschou f)« ") 10, J5 Chefoo 11--) 12, - «) Ṭaku SMS ,, Empress Augufta« Hongkoug23J4 «24, '4 Foochow (Post- 5, -5 Shaughai4Js) - Kiautfchou station: WH Chefoo 11--") 12X5 Taer Hongkong) SMS »Gefion «Hougkong 13-4 Wufuug 25X4 27! 4 Foochow; ') Shanghai 4-s") Kiautschou 9-5 1 () J5 Chefoo 12, «5 Taku 11Xk) Relief transportc: 1 Dpfr ,, Darmstadt« of Nordd Lloyd, with double relocation haulage for SM S - "Kaifer" (occupation part), SMS "Priucess Wilhelm" (occupation part), SMS "Arcona" (entire occupation), SMS "Ireue" (entire Vefatzunl), S Uc S ,, Germany "(occupation part), SMS »Kaiferin Augustu« (Be?