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Application / special requirements

For the dual program, apply to the Department of International Affairs. You can find detailed information on the application process and the application deadlines under Application.


  • The double program is only open to students of the BA courses IBWL and IBA at the Viadrina
  • At the time of departure for Toulouse, you must have studied at least 4 semesters at the Viadrina.
  • You must have sufficient knowledge of English.
linguistic proficiency

The language of instruction is English. The TBS requires a corresponding language certificate, which must be presented before the start of the stay abroad. Language skills at the following level are recommended: EU reference framework B2 e.g. UNICERT II, ​​TOEFL: 80, IELTS: 6, Certificate of Cambridge level C.

Knowledge of French is an advantage in order to cope better in everyday life, but not a prerequisite.

Semester times

Winter semester: Mid-September - mid / late December
summer semester: Beginning / middle of January - middle / end of May

The exact semester times can be found on the TBS homepage.

When planning your studies, please take into account the difference between the French and German academic calendars. As a double degree student, you will attend the winter semester at the TBS in September. It is not possible to start studying for the summer semester. You stay on site for 1 year.

Course choice / type of lessonCourse choice: During the study visit at the TBS you have to achieve a total of 60 ECTS points. You get a fixed course schedule and have to complete all courses. Most courses run for 3-5 weeks, a few also for several months with 2-3 lectures per week per course. This explains the high number of courses, which, however, have a lower number of ECTS points and are therefore less workload.

You will find information on the TBS course schedule on the following pages.

Type of teaching: Lessons usually take place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in smaller French-international mixed groups in a closed class. Usually group lectures have to be given and essays written. Case studies are also gladly processed. You can find the key areas in which you can study here. It is often taught by international lecturers and people from the business world. There is compulsory attendance.

Recognition of academic achievements

General information on the recognition procedure can be obtained from Torsten Glase.

In order to obtain a degree at the Viadrina, the specified modules in your course of study must be completed in full. For this purpose, you can have courses that you complete abroad as part of the dual program credited by arrangement. Discuss the recognition with Torsten Glase before you leave.

For the French qualification you have to send the Viadrina diploma to the TBS. This will then issue you with a diploma.


The bachelor thesis is written and supervised at the Viadrina. The regulations of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Viadrina apply to the final thesis.

Useful information: insurance, accommodation, travel, etc.Vacation semester: You are generally free to apply for one or two semesters of leave for your stay abroad. However, no achievements from abroad can then be recognized. You may not be on leave in the semester in which you are writing your thesis.

Health insurance: If you are legally insured with a German health insurance company and have a European health insurance card, this represents the basic insurance cover for other European countries. It may be advisable to take out additional insurance for longer stays abroad.

Accommodation: The TBS International Student Service provides an accommodation guide. In this various accommodation options are listed. The monthly rent is around € 400-550. As an exchange student, you are entitled to housing benefit in France, which you can apply to the Caisses d’Allocations Familiales (CAF). As a rule, the “taxes d'habitation” is already included in your rent. However, be careful when concluding a rental agreement, otherwise there will be high additional costs.

Getting there: is possible by plane and train.

Cost of living: approx. 1000 €.

Visa: If you are an EU citizen, a valid passport or identity card is sufficient. If you are a non-EU citizen, find out more about the visa requirements on the website of the French embassy.

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