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BTS establish hair color according to birthstone

Over 85 million views on YouTube in 24 hours - BTS achieved this record last year with their music video for their song "Idol". Almost 381 million people have now looked at it. The K-pop hype has turned the seven-piece band into true icons, who are loved by their fans, who themselves A.R.M.Y. call, be formally adored.

In addition to the lavishly produced music videos with memorable choreography, the main reason for this is the changing looks of the Bangtan Boys V, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin and RM. The musicians serve their fans as inspiration in every situation. The early to mid-twenties are also role models when it comes to beauty.

The Bangtan Boys at this year's Grammys

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Birthstone: hair color horoscope

What are BTS getting excited about at the moment? Earlier this year, and most recently at the Grammys, several members presented their hair in cotton candy colors! RM, Jin and Suga dyed their hair shades of gray and blue, while V and Jimin went for bright bubblegum pink and turquoise. Jungkook and J-Hope, on the other hand, stayed with dark hair.

The A.R.M.Y. stands firmly behind her stars, is enthusiastic about the new looks and has already established a theory that justifies the choice of color. It's the nuances of the musicians' birthstones. V and Jimin, born in December and October, are said to have orientated themselves on their birthstones turquoise and pink tourmaline. After cutting hair according to the lunar calendar has already established itself, the hair color horoscope has what it takes to become a new beauty trend.

Birthstone hair coloring is definitely worth a try. You can find the right color for your month of birth in our gallery.

All birthstones in the gallery

Hairstyle with crush potential

Apart from the new color, her haircut looks like an adaptation of the Mop Top, the legendary mushroom head of the Beatles. A hairstyle as a guarantee of success, because experience teaches us: Whoever wears it becomes a swarm of girls. After Lennon and McCartney, young Justin Bieber proved it, and now BTS are doing it. Indeed, the worldwide hype regarding the hysteria of the fans of the K-Pop band can be compared with that of the legendary Beatles.

The band's success is by no means a coincidence. The members all pursued the goal of becoming an "idol" with iron discipline even before BTS, and were finally cast in 2013 by Bang Si-hyuk for his label Big Hit Entertainment. Quite common in the Korean music scene. While bands in Germany usually get to know each other at school or during their studies, in K-Pop they are downright tailor-made. A principle that we know from popular casting shows. We are looking for the perfect mix of dancers, singers, entertainers, poster boys and, last but not least, international beauty icons.

Cosmetics with K-Pop

Not only the hairstyles of the seven idols, but also the make-up and their apparently flawless complexion are analyzed in detail by their proponents. An advantage that the band knows how to use. In addition to merch such as T-shirts, shoes and key rings, BTS is also launching its own cosmetics. In cooperation with the Korean beauty brand TN, they have now created skin-cleansing skin care. As usual in K-Beauty, of course, with a colorful and cute design, all around BT21. These are the cartoon avatars that BTS specially designed in 2017.

The Bangtan Boys cosmetics brand, which was launched last year, is also based on BT21. With the K-Beauty brand VT, they developed a line consisting of eight matte lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes in six shades, foundation, CC Cream and more.

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