Tea makes your lips dark

A beautiful mouth: make up your lips

However, we are not always satisfied with the natural shape of our lips. Some are with one Pout à la Angelina Jolie, others have the wish theirs narrow lips Make it look bigger and highlight it with lipstick. We'll show you how to use a few simple beauty tips to apply make-up to narrow lips, smooth out small bumps and create a incredibly sensual mouth conjure up.

How to put make-up on thin lips

1) Narrow lips are a challenge for make-up artists. You can do them with a few beauty tricks very nice make-up. The upper lip is usually strictly defined and the so-called "heart" is formed by two close-fitting "tips"!

2) First is a whole contour along the upper lip drawn, always on the outer white line of the lip. From the left corner of the mouth to the left tip, leave out the notch and continue working from the right tip to the right corner of the mouth.

The bottom lip is drawn laterally exactly on the visible red border. The middle of the lower lip forms the deepest point. Then, starting with the new contour, paint in the lips completely - either with lip gloss or lipstick.

3) The following method is recommended if you want narrow lips to look fuller: With one Lip liner initially only contour the corners of the mouth in color and shade in towards the center. The actual center remains free. Now pearly lip gloss or lighter, transparent lipstick apply on the lips. The result is a plastic look that makes the lips appear fuller.

4) For the more courageous woman, Horst Kirchberger recommends tracing the shape of the lips as they are and, in the second step, one rich, dark color to apply. This looks great on more mature women as it's a little bit of that 30s beauty style resembles. You should then paint your eyes in a matt, dark shade. No blush is used in this beauty look.

This is how they make up a full pout

1) A very full mouth is often found in people with a little more body weight. The lips usually do not have a clear contour and appear as "WaveformOften the corners of the mouth are not clearly visible and the skin of the lips is slightly blurred into the normal skin. In addition, the lower lip is usually also full and pronounced.

2) To shape the lips, the mouth is made with a skin-identical masking cream (A) shaded at the corners of the mouth to create "calm conditions". This is important for the subsequent contouring.

3) If the mouth looks wavy and a bit spongy, you have to give it one geometric shape give. The upper lip is now "straightened" by a straight contour from the corner of the mouth to the highest point at the tip of the lip. This is repeated on the other side - but the notch remains as it has grown. Do the same for the lower lip.

Important: In no case do not draw outside the lip contour. This geometric shape gives the face a stricter note and doesn't let it look so full anymore.

4) In order to take the oversized appearance of such mouths a bit, it is important to contour them not always completely to pull. This means contouring the lower lip only from the corner of the mouth, the middle of the lower lip remains untouched. Instead, the corners of your mouth with one Lip liner shade slightly inwards. Now apply the lipstick as usual. A matte color is best here.

Make up difficult shapes to create a beauty look

1) A very common problem is that the upper lip is significantly narrower compared to the lower one. To visually correct this, the upper lip is placed on the visible white line completely contoured. Then use the lip liner to shade into the lip and only slightly indicate the corner of the mouth.

2) Very many women tend to have a mouth with a very straight, angular lower lip. First trace the upper lip as it has grown, then trace the lower lip on the side of the contour, the lower, straight middle section trace around and thus give the lips a new, softer contour. The best way to do this is to draw on the white, visible line and then only set a round shape at the bottom at the deepest point.

3) Rare and somewhat problematic: a mouth with an oversized lower lip. This is first shaded with foundation in the contour area. Then the contour on the inner line of the lip is drawn just next to the red lip skin - that is what the lip does optically smaller.

Important: The rounding in the lower middle forms the lowest point. The upper lip is then contoured as if it had grown. Now color in with a delicate lipstick.