Are GPS tracking systems important for vehicles?

GPS tracker and advantages of location systems

Development of GPS tracker technology

Nowadays, with the development of technology, many new products are manufactured and developed in many fields. We see thatGlobal Positioning Tracker as a technology miracle and a product that has been widely used in recent years.

GPS; Basic satellite navigation system that provides space and time information in any weather with four or more satellites in any obstacle-free line of sight around the world. Tracker, on the other hand, means “follower” in the sense of the word. This product is actually designed to follow a vehicle or anything that might be human. It has started to serve in the most beautiful areas.

To use the GPS tracker, aGSM-Line (SIM card) required and a program that loads the follow-up of the device, you can not only from theComputer, laptop, tablet or iPad what to do, but also anywhere and at any time via smartphone app.

Data transfer for GPS

In contrast to the circuit switched data service CSD,GPRS package-oriented. This means that the data is converted into individual packets at the sender, transmitted as such and reassembled at the receiver.

If GPRS is activated, there is only a virtual permanent connection to the remote station (so-called always-on operation). The radio room is only occupied when data is actually being transmitted, otherwise it is free for other users. Therefore no radio channel needs to be permanently reserved for a user (as with CSD). That is why the costs for GPRS connections are usually calculated according to the amount of data transferred and not according to the duration of the connection. Of course, the individual contract conditions are decisive. (Source: Wikipedia)

Large companies primarily benefit for the purpose ofVehicle tracking. If you're the manager of a large company, you may need to keep an eye on employees for productivity. In such cases, theGPS tracker-Equipment that we use in our vehicles, a very useful way to ensure the efficiency of the company and the speed at which it works. There is also great efficiency in controlling fuel economy.

This product is used not only for commercial purposes but also for monitoring and control. Whether small or large companies, GPS trackers include advantages such as, disposition,Route planning, Speed ​​restriction regulations, faster information on demand, timely announcement of possible delays, creation of reports as evidence for customers / partners / suppliers, more performance, increased customer satisfaction

With theelectronic logbook recording save yourself the manual recording, which is usually not completely recorded. Thanks to the digital evaluations, that isLogbook Accessible at any time and can be presented to the partner / supplier and tax office in the case of legal matters.

GPS tracker are great technology, if you want an affordable and easy-to-use product then Easytrack is your go-to.

GPS tracker app

Our user-friendly GPS software,GPS tracker appallows you to easily access your data from anywhere. Always provide your customers with information about arrival and departure times to save time and increase customer satisfaction.

Of course, even when you are on the move via smartphone and tablet.

Our GPS system differs from others through the extensive scope of services! Through the common andown production hardware and software are optimally coordinated with one another.

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