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Learn to dance with your mobile phone: five good apps for Android and iOS

Have you always wanted to put a hot tango on the floor, learn to dance like the stars from Bollywood or improve your breakdancing skills? No problem, all you need is the right app. UPDATED shows you five applications with the help of which you will soon be able to move just as skillfully in standard and Latin dances as in various modern styles.

Learn Latin dance step by step: “Pocket Salsa”

Learn from more than 100 videos To dance salsa. The application is ideal for beginners as well as advanced learners of Latin American dance. There is a free version the application for boarding. However, you can only use all of the content in the paid version, which is available for Android and iOS.

“Pocket Salsa” includes these features:

  • The English-language video tutorials are clearly divided into beginners, intermediate levels and advanced.
  • The videos show individual steps and sequences that are easy to follow.
  • All videos show the same dance teacher and were recorded in the same dance school. The quality is therefore constant. This has the advantage of many others who rely on a large variety of locations and teachers.
  • You don't need an internet connection to watch the videos. You can also download it and use it offline at any time.
  • You can buy videos for special sequences within the app. There are steps like the Cola Flick, the CombOver Bounce or the Flick Flare.
  • There are also individual rhythms to listen to and a podcast in the app.

Use a large selection of styles for free: "How to dance"

From the Viennese waltz to the jive or tango to breakdance and pole dance you can practice everything with this dance app. Video tutorials for a total of 12 dances offers the program free of charge to all Android users.

“How to dance” includes these features:

  • The app has videos for the following dances: street dance, hip-hop, breakdance, pole dance, salsa, waltz, cha-cha-cha, discofox, swing, tango, samba, jive
  • The operation of the application is simple and clear: On the start page you can see buttons for each dance. Behind each of these there is a list of associated videos.
  • The dance app uses different sources on YouTube. The number of videos available depends on the dance in question. The language can also differ. Some dances also have videos in German and entire series that were recorded with a dance teacher.
  • In addition, users can select favorites and save them in a list. You can also search for video tutorials.
“How To Dance” organizes the videos of a dance based on your usage or general usage, depending on the view.

Dancing to a professional level: "Get the Dance Bronze, Silver, Gold"

“Get the Dance” is an online dance course that also offers apps with instructions for various ballroom and Latin dances without registration. The applications are divided into three consecutive levels: Bronze, silver, gold. The bronze app is best for beginners. The applications are only available for iOS in the App Store.

“Get the Dance Bronze, Silver, Gold” includes these features:

  • The bronze level includes the basic steps for 12 different dance styles: slow waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, samba, cha-cha-cha, jive, blues, foxtrot, discofox, mambo, rock ’n’ roll, boogie woogie.
  • With the silver extension, users receive step sequences and figures for 9 dances. In the gold version there are additional instructions for 10 standard and Latin dances.
  • The videos are set to music in German and of constant quality, as they were all recorded by the same dance teacher Markus Schöffel and his partner.
  • In addition to steps and sequences, the dance teachers give tips on posture, leadership and the style of music.
  • The videos can also be viewed offline after downloading. So you can practice your favorite dances anytime, anywhere.

Learn modern dances: "The Next Step Dance Academy"

“The Next Step” is actually a Canadian one Reality tv serieswhere teenagers pursue their dream of becoming professional dancers. As a by-product of this, there is this application that enables iPhone users to practice modern styles such as contemporary or ballet. The dance app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store. After the first free trial lesson, you can learn more about it In-app purchases unlock.

“The Next Step Dance Academy” includes these features:

  • Five professionals show and explain the 10 modern dances Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Pop and Lock, Freestyle, Broadway, Breakdance and Street Style in video tutorials.
  • For completing each level of dancing, you can get a total of 10 badges in order to eventually become a member of the A troop.
  • In addition to the classic step-by-step instructions, there is also a review of each lesson and a video on dancing along with the sequence.
  • The app is available in German. It is free to download. However, there are costs after the first free jazz lesson.

Exotic dancing: "Dance Step: Learn how to become best Dancer"

This application offers exotic alternatives to the other dance apps. For example, Android users can use the Gangnam style learn or even the Indian Kathak. But some other modern styles are also represented in it. The program is available free of charge in the Play Store.

“Dance Step: Learn how to become best Dancer” includes these features:

  • The dance app has 8 different dance styles in its program: Hip-Hop, Tap Dance, Gangnam Style, Kathak, Breakdance, Salsa and Freestyle.
  • The video tutorials are available in English and provide simple step-by-step instructions for each dance.
  • On the start page you select a dance and you get to a list of videos with different choreographies.

Dance apps have these advantages

Thanks to the self-explanatory applications, you no longer have to wait for the fixed date in a dance school to learn something new. With the dance apps you can train where, when and how often you want. Mainly because the video tutorials usually also available offline are.

You determine the pace of learning by yourself and do not need to adapt to others from a course. If the app is too fast or too slow for you, just jump to the right place for you.

The Step-by-step instructions also make learning very easy. This allows you to get started without a teacher or partner. You are also not constantly under observation and judged while practicing. Instead, you just develop your dance style for yourself.

Learn waltzes, salsa and co. Step by step with dance apps

A dance app doesn't turn a beginner into a professional dancer. But it can convey steps and combinations in a meaningful way. So can slowly build up and improve your own dance style. In video instructions for classics such as salsa and Viennese waltzes, aspiring ballroom and Latin dancers can learn a lot with it. But also dance exercises for modern styles such as breakdance, contemporary, pole dance or hip-hop are on the program. Those who like it more exotic can also learn dances like the Gangnam Style or the Indian Kathak.

There are not only applications for newbies on the dance floor.Even advanced learners benefit from some of the dance apps and can still learn something new.

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