How Can You Learn Celebrity Lifestyle

Celebrity nutritionist Amelia Freer's tips for a simple diet and healthy lifestyle

Most celebrity nutritionists often think about mom over what strategies are they pursuing to help celebs keep their weight in check and stay healthy? But some of them are very open. Fortunately, popular nutritional therapist Amelia Freer isn't one of those people who doesn't share the secrets. The lady shared a lot of simple diet and lifestyle tips with her fans recently and the best part is that all the tips are easy to apply. Try them out and get to know yourself.

Why did she become a nutritionist?

Speaking to Telegraph, the popular woman, it was recently revealed that she had very bad eating habits at a young age and it was badly reflected on her skin. She often felt exhausted and gas was not uncommon for her. Her roommate suggested that she see a nutritionist, and one of those sessions inspired her to become a nutritionist too. She also became a nutritionist because she wanted to help people fill the fridge or cook properly. She even left a well-paying job for a new career in her late twenties, which wasn't an easy thing to do.

Diet tips

The author of COOK. NOURISH. GLOW. (December 2015) has provided some really useful nutrition tips for people who want to get healthy by introducing healthy foods. Here you are:

Munch on herbs

The first tip is that you should keep a great herb display on your kitchen counter. It will help you satisfy your hunger pangs as it is easy to tear off the pieces while cooking or before you eat and stay healthy. It will stop you from eating unhealthy foods like candy bars.

Right way to eat

Your next step should be to make sure that you are enjoying your food nicely. Eat it slowly and not on the go. Only eat it when you are hungry. Appreciate all the flavors and never eat when you are sad or bored.

3 eating rule

You should only have 3 hearty meals a day and leave your snacking habit behind. Your body doesn't need snacks and you will stop craving for them after you have had 3 healthy and filling meals. When you snack unnecessarily, your insulin levels go up and fat storage is also increased. So avoid chewing at all.

Fluid intake

Drinking plenty of water is a strategy that is not a failure. If you want, you can have a cup of tea or coffee and some wine on special occasions every day. You also need to stop drinking sugar-based beverages as these will be of no use to your body. Lattes and candy bars can be enjoyed on occasion, but say no to carbonated and sweetened drinks. (In short, check your sweet tooth!)

No sugar or processed foods

You should never rely on sugar and processed grains like cereals, pasta, and toast, as these play a key role in making you a victim of ill health.

Lifestyle tips

Amelia also shared some simple kitchen and lifestyle tips for healthy eating that we have listed here.

Get creative with food

Most people don't enjoy healthy foods (like oats or fresh vegetables and fruits) because they look boring. You can correct the situation by adding creativity to your food preparation. Use herbs and spices to add color to your meals and so enjoy them better.

Enjoy food properly

Dining with friends or family allows you to enjoy your meal a little more. You should also enjoy the process of making them. Don't just eat for the sake of form and never make eating a joyless experience.

Keep the knives sharp

If you want your cooking process to go more smoothly, opt for sharp, not blunt, knives. Food that is easy to cut makes cooking more enjoyable and you will enjoy it better too.

Care for nuts and seeds

If you want to make sure that your nuts and seeds hold their fatty acids, keep them in the refrigerator at all times.

Small changes

If you want to change your eating habits, choose small changes first. Try to incorporate changes like a teaspoon of sugar instead of two, then switch to the no sugar option. It will make things easier for you. An overnight change like quitting sugar in a single day doesn't last long. (And we agree !!)

Don't expect perfection

It's okay to fail a little bit on your diet journey. If you eat badly every now and then, don't override it. Accept your mistake and strengthen your determination not to repeat it in the future.

Feel well

Learn how to eat the right foods in a way that not only makes you look good, but also makes you feel good inside. If you're too busy, you may not have to prepare a perfect 3-course meal every day. Just go for quick-cooked healthy meals, but make sure you cook them from scratch and enjoy making them.

Frozen Herbal Magic

If you're too busy in the morning, this is a simple tip that can help you a lot. Just cut some herbs like oregano, rosemary or sage and place them in an ice cube tray with olive oil or coconut oil. Then let them freeze overnight and save the cubes for everyday use. You can use them in stews, soups and roasts in a matter of seconds. (Useful tip, we have to say)

Let your taste develop

If you have been addicted to processed or junk foods for most of your life then you have surely developed a taste for them. Break this bad habit by exploring different flavors of healthy and exciting foods available in the market. Once you do, you'll start to prefer natural foods over processed ones, and your taste buds would be delighted, too.

You have all the power

Freer concluded by repeating a shared wise note from American holistic health expert and author Ann Wigmore. The advice is that food can be a safe and effective form of medicine that keeps you healthy or a slow poison that drains your health from within. The choice is always yours, whichever option you choose.