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10 Modern Marketing Methods You Should Know About

It often feels like the marketing world is reinventing itself from week to week. A trend here, a new study there and the competition also often does exciting things. It is difficult to keep an overview. Therefore, in this article I am summarizing 10 methods of modern marketing that you can use to advance your digital marketing presence. I will also briefly present you the advantages and disadvantages of each method. This enables you to better evaluate which marketing methods are suitable for you.

Before I go into detail, I'll show you which ones in advance 10 Modern Marketing Methods particularly important are:

  1. Blog
  2. Search engine marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Account-Based Marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Social media marketing
  7. Video marketing
  8. Content marketing
  9. Inbound marketing
  10. Display advertising

1. Blog

A few years ago the blog was the big hit. Every company and a great many individuals wanted to have their own blog. While this trend has significantly decreased among private individuals, more and more companies are still jumping on the blogger trend. When creating a blog, it is important that you maintain it in accordance with your content strategy and work on it continuously.

Advantages of a blog: The blog is the technical platform for your content marketing. See point 8. With a blog you can answer many questions from your potential customers and thus attract many potential customers. The more questions you answer, the more visitors the search engines will send you. The more visitors you have on your blog, the more leads you can generate and ultimately also win customers.

Disadvantages of a blog: Blogs are (well done) a resource issue. In addition, unfortunately, many companies use your blog as a product / service incense platform. Thus, the desired blog success is often a long time coming.

2. Search engine marketing

What use is a blog that nobody can find? Very little! Search engine marketing is essential not only (but mostly) if you want to set up a blog. This includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the one hand and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) on ​​the other. So a distinction is made between organic and paid search engine marketing.

Advantages of search engine marketing: With the help of SEO you can increase your traffic in the long term and sustainably. With SEA, in turn, you can place bids specifically for certain search queries in order to ensure that your pages are displayed as an ad high up.

Disadvantages of search engine marketing: SEO is time-consuming and many people (content managers, editors, IT, ...) have to think about SEO. SEA only works as long as you feed search engines with money.

In this post we have summarized 15 important SEO tips for you.

3. Email Marketing

Anyone who thinks email marketing is already dead is very wrong. Email marketing is still an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers, but also to attract new customers. Make sure that you always offer useful content in your emails and not adverts. Too many emails are also not good, as that could prevent readers from receiving further newsletters.

Advantages of email marketing: An efficient way to keep customers loyal to your company. Low cost and rapid information transfer.

Disadvantages of email marketing: Used incorrectly and at too high a frequency, you can get on your customers' nerves. Spam filters can also prevent emails from reaching the addressees.

Here are 14 tips for being successful with email marketing.

4. Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (also abbreviated: ABM) is a method in B2B marketing that aims to reach very specific decision-makers of an account (company) with helpful content. In order to reach decision-makers, intensive research and the type of outreach are crucial.

Benefits of Account Based Marketing: It is a good and important addition to inbound marketing. ABM results in a very clear focus of marketing and sales on certain key accounts.

Disadvantages of Account Based Marketing: At ABM you have to adapt all marketing measures closely to the account and often tailor it to it. Thus, these measures are associated with more content and more offers. That can be a lot of work.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is about the relationship between the company, promoter and customer. The company pays promoters (affiliates) to advertise its product / service on their channels. This mostly happens in the form of affiliate links. If someone clicks on these links, they will land directly on the respective offer of the company. The company uses cookies to find out which promoter brought the customer to the website. Affiliate links must be labeled.

Advantages of affiliate marketing: Low risk and little effort. You only have to pay affiliates if they are successful.

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing: From the affiliate's point of view, one disadvantage is the lack of income guarantee, as they are usually only paid for one sale. The lack of transparency in affiliate marketing is certainly not an advantage.

6. Social Media Marketing

In social media marketing, as in search engine marketing, a distinction is made between organic and paid. So on the one hand the “normal” publishing of content in social networks and on the other hand advertising (depositing money) for certain content. Social media are important for every company in every industry. Depending on your industry, your company and your target groups, you should decide on suitable social networks.

Benefits of social media: In general, without going into specific networks or customer orientations, social networks can strengthen brand loyalty and send additional traffic to your website.

Disadvantages of social media: Not to be underestimated effort, you are playing on “rented ground”. Algorithm changes and the like can have a significant impact on your performance in social networks.

7. Video Marketing

Moving images are the future. After all, no medium manages to touch, captivate, inform and entertain like the video. However, it is important to think outside the box of the once trendy 5-minute long corporate video. For example, we recently had our own inbound marketing YouTube channel on which we pass on our knowledge.

Advantages of video marketing: Videos can be shared quickly and easily. Complex relationships can be explained in a simplified manner.

Disadvantages of video marketing: Comparably high production costs, high expenditure of time.

8. Content Marketing

This marketing method is first and foremost about useful content that people are looking for online. This useful content is directly or indirectly related to your company / product / service and helps people get one step further in your buyer’s journey.

Advantages of content marketing: Offer content consumers real added value instead of clumsy advertising, attract new target groups and retain existing customers. Puts the user at the center.

Disadvantages of content marketing: Requires rethinking and moving away from pure advertising messages. Content marketing does not work in the short term, but has to be built up patiently.

9. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is often used synonymously with content marketing. The two are very similar, but certainly not the same. While content marketing is mainly top-of-the-funnel, inbound marketing deals with the entire sales funnel. Here you can see it nicely using our graphic:

Advantages of inbound marketing: In addition to the advantages mentioned in content marketing, inbound marketing is also very easy to measure and plan. Marketing automation software can do a lot of work for you.

Disadvantages of inbound marketing: Similar to content marketing, inbound marketing also takes time to see results. In addition, in inbound marketing you have to be willing to constantly learn new things and develop yourself further.

10. Display advertising

Last but not least, the good old banners should not be missing either. They were certainly more important in the early days of online marketing than they are today. However, the interactive buttons of various sizes still have a great right to exist.

Advantages of display advertising: Excellent for communicating messages, offers and promotions quickly and with a wide reach. You can increase your brand awareness through display ads

Disadvantages of display advertising: Lots of people use ad blockers and there are almost always counting differences.

Which Marketing Methods Are Right For You?

I hope this blog article was able to help give you a better overview of modern marketing methods. At this point I would like to mention that with each method there are far more than the advantages and disadvantages presented in each case. We at takeoff support our customers in getting content marketing and inbound marketing up and running and continuously improving them.

If you think that content or inbound marketing might be suitable for you, then let's talk to each other. By the way, you will find a very comprehensive one here Guide on how inbound marketing works: