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Journalism & Journalism

An overview of the studies in journalism and journalism

The field of study of journalism and journalism is very diverse. Some courses prepare you for journalistic work. Other courses of study deal with journalism and its social function in terms of media theory. You can study journalism and journalism at universities, technical colleges and special media colleges.

Am I suitable for studying journalism and journalism?

To study journalism and journalism, you should enjoy writing and reading and have a good general education. If you are also curious and have a feel for good formulations, you should study journalism or journalism. At many universities, studying is restricted by a numerus clausus and in some cases there are additional application procedures.

What are the job prospects after graduation?

Journalist is the dream job of many university graduates. There are therefore a large number of applicants for a small number of positions. With a specialized degree in journalism and journalism, you will receive a tailor-made training that will give you some advantages on the job market. But make sure to gain practical experience during your studies, for example with the student radio, the university newspaper or through internships. Journalists earn around € 3,200 ¹ gross per month, depending on their professional experience and position.

Why should I study journalism and journalism?

If you have a talent for writing and want to keep your finger on the pulse of world events, a degree in journalism and journalism is recommended. You master the different journalistic styles and text genres, deal with press law and get to know the professional code. This will prepare you optimally for a later job as a journalist.