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More realistic in the NBA arena, NBA2Kl6 it's not the NBA2K17 opening animation interface and other places to choose from, and in comparison to many other places, so the golf course is always a touch of 16 games. The scene has changed slightly. Appeared, or made a shaggy haircut, trash Esi McGrady restored full leg because to get a little delicate place, such as Some of the players will face the same stroke models faced rationally, famine players everywhere.

Festival screen requirements, they started to play, many basketball fans to come to the heart and fill the mind, but it never performed hard to fall frame and the shooting action took players forever. Fortunately, it has optimized NBA2K17 last, the slow play is not strong compared to midfielder performance Caton scene obviously, some drastic measures were reduced significantly, as well as make the game tense so that the general observation matches.

Game Description Stunning, NBA 2K17 Offensive and defensive end True hit The game One clear change in the rate of the play The best shots to clear this setting on the players shooting conditions You can also control the advantage better, we need to order players more easily , shooting accuracy and end-to-end. - And control shooting shoots at the present time move.

As NBA2Kl6, star players are no longer stuck with the more aggressive end is just your own way and the guards' goblin shop donut make these machines. Also due to the aggressive end diversification, the constant role shaking is easily guarded before a shot or breakout. Even so, if the player regains sufficiently high success the player responds easily to the through pot (cap) break. In the last hole a different Famer shooting rate, NBA2K17 can be long, with the respect of all kinds of long-running 2K vacancies not the highest difficulty, its share blind, without previous shooting down 20 percent, can increase the ball to the players to give the body.

This generation up to the station significantly improves and simplifies breaking down defensive theft (16 steal theory foul) on the other side edge over time. Also, steal the success rate plays down to the big cap so that we can have a break from the defense or others before, and then chase his hat.

A high school student of heroic career status players with young people playing MC status, many see the fame "" won the president title, "" one of the titles, there has always been demand for Tucao spread.

"" President "" President, "College League and National Team outstanding performance," "Dream Team" "Coach Five College League University Almost Kirby, degree entered McGrady to play K National Invitational, began NBA arena. His career in college life.

"" NBA2K17's still career mode and MT position control time and money players. Fighting gameplay should be the most basic and most importantly original content. However, the players base the game for "legend of a ball" and a legend pattern in the formation and maintenance of the general manager team model, and because of the development and privatization play the rich elements of the research and change the habits of the game and dig by the player our two models. Has a long-time presence.

In the NBA, the potential value of many players is very high, so the only way to develop its point guard is to take certain positions in order to develop all aspects of the actual game and fun system training after the game to allow you to combine the demands of the third chase. If the performance is good enough, players can also choose to receive professional support for their role money that can be used to improve their shooting accuracy. "" Championship "" is the ultimate goal, you must properly increase the chances of entry, business, find some friends to get acquainted so the sports break and win.

NBA2K16 career model aside, the hero can be a profound transformation of the hero, the story of the tiger's tail players NBA2Kl7, but also tells my friend as a good partner of life of the good brother on the luck of our young future mixed with the scenario.

Then the talent and leadership of their own NBA recruiting season left the stars, leading the emotional NBA rookie team and eventually winning the championship trophy.

Although this "" NBA 2K17 "" is a minor change, but never met slightly overall in terms of detail, serial 2K games were not followed by the NBA, increases yearly or the integrity of the big game, because the engine did not let the six-year series, as opposed to the live series. 2K, a group of basketball loves basketball game.

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