How are crystals used in hypnotherapy


HypnoTherapy · Go deeper and listen to your inner wisdom

Hypnotherapy has been recognized as a scientific therapy method since 2006.
Hypnotherapy is made up of the words hypnosis and therapy. The hypnosis uses the state of the temporary light trance in a protected environment.

The healing effect of hypnosis has been used in all cultures for thousands of years. You yourself repeatedly experience trance states in your everyday life, such as the pleasant twilight state just before falling asleep, self-forgetfulness during creative or sporting activities or sliding away while listening to inspired music.

This state of consciousness means that your body is sleeping while your mind is wide awake. This so-called alpha state (brain frequency of 8-12 Hz) differs from both sleeping and waking.

Once in the alpha state, you will feel comfortable and completely relaxed. You will always act voluntarily and consciously throughout the hypnotherapy sessions.


For inner treasure hunters

Each of us has innumerable experiences, memories and resources in our subconscious. Hypnotherapy gives us access to this inner treasure. Because through the guidance of the therapist, blockages that block your insight into your subconscious are lifted. They are receptive to specific suggestions. In this way, future behavior can be optimized.

Experiences that are hidden deep inside you suddenly become available for solving certain projects. This enables you to successfully achieve your individual goals.

Learn successful communication and effective self-coaching

NLP is a psychological communication model developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler (psychologist and computer scientist) and John Grinder (professor of linguistics). This model was created after a detailed analysis of the working methods of the therapists Milton Erickson (hypnosis), Virginia Satir (family) and Fritz Perls (figure). Neuro - sensual perception and experience Linguistic - successful communication and linguistic exchange Programming - understanding and shaping experiences and thought processes.

NLP is practical and life-affirming. It combines the most tried and tested methods of humanistic psychology, findings from brain research and linguistics - for your tailor-made success!

NLP can help
»Converting conflicts into opportunities
»Act constructively
“To negotiate successfully
“Communicate confidently
»To increase your self-worth
»To be motivated by working with your goals and values
»" Learn to Learn "
»Promote leadership skills
»Reduce stress and much more.

It provides you with clever tools for self-coaching. In this way you become independent and shape your life more and more yourself.