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How much math is there in the business administration course?

Students ask:

In a business administration degree there is a lot of math in the curriculum. Is that true or is that not so much anymore in the course of your studies? I'm not a great math genius, but not bad either. Is there any clue as to which grades you should have in math in order to study business administration?

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Sarina, student at Coburg University:

I only had the experience of "enjoying" math for one semester, which was also an intense semester. The failure rate was 70%, so you practically had to reckon with a second or third attempt at math. Fortunately, I passed the first time, although I never really had any problems with the subject at school. I later found out that the FH had redesigned the whole subject and that another professor was now teaching it. It is said to have gotten better. So I think it varies from FH to FH.

Ramona, student at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences:

The math portion of my bachelor's degree was quite high (B.Sc.), but still manageable. Since I graduated from school with a high school diploma, I had less previous knowledge than the students with a general high school diploma. So a lot was "new territory" for me, but even without previous knowledge it wasn't so much that you couldn't catch up. Since I didn't take any "math-heavy" focus subjects, such as financing or the like, I actually never had anything to do with higher mathematics after the basic course in the first semester. In my opinion, a bad grade in math shouldn't get you dated Business Administration Studies hold off.

Christian, student at the University of Duiburg-Essen:

The rule here is that it depends on the respective university and the specialization. In general, business administration is of course a very arithmetic and numerical science. In general, I would say that anyone who has a solid understanding of mathematics can acquire the necessary knowledge well in their studies. Here too, regardless of school grades, you should always ask yourself whether you have a solid understanding of numbers and whether you are able to acquire arithmetic techniques in self-study. If the answer is "yes" for yourself, you can study business administration regardless of very good or solid school grades in math (regardless of whether it is a basic or advanced course). If you want to specialize in areas such as business informatics, supply chain management, logistics or necessary in industrial engineering.

Johannes, student at the Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences:

Mathematics plays a major role in the Bachelor, especially at the beginning. Depending on the university and / or college, subjects such as business mathematics or statistics are often used as the first major hurdle in the course of studies. Apart from general lectures, the further mathematical content results from the choice of focus. However, it is not necessary to have good grades as prior knowledge, provided that you show willingness to learn.

Alina, dual student at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences:

No, I only really had math in the first semester. But every business graduate always dreads that. But that is also feasible. In the second semester we did "Operation Research", which was mainly about matrix calculations and forward and backward scheduling. In the third semester there were statistics with probability calculations.

Anja, student at the Leibniz University of Applied Sciences:

If you are looking for the Business studies course decides, it should not be expected that one no longer has to deal with mathematical questions and problems. So if you have a fundamental aversion to math, you will not be happy with this course, since a relatively large number of subjects are math-heavy. However, the level of aspiration differs depending on the main topic and subject area. In general, you will have a good start to your studies if you have mastered the Abitur-relevant subject matter. The level becomes more difficult, of course, but you also grow with your tasks and challenges and if there are major difficulties, there are enough helpful fellow students who are happy to help.

Sebastian, student at the University of Applied Management:

The business administration course is usually made up of Math I and Math II, but in my opinion not so much that you shouldn't choose the course.

Melanie, student at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences:

The "typical" mathematics that one knows from school is rather not in demand in a business administration degree. Much more is worked here with key figures, statistics, financial mathematics and linear optimization problems.

Mathematics as an uncertainty factor in business studies

There is no business world without mathematics, which is why math also plays a role in business studies. If you have solid knowledge from your school days and are constantly on the ball with lectures and tutorials, you should also be able to master the mathematical subjects of the business administration degree.

However, if you want to keep the proportion of numbers, calculations and formulas as low as possible during your studies, then you can do so by choosing your studies and later Choice of focus influence. There are business administration courses that require more math skills - for example, a financial management degree or business administration with a focus on controlling. Others, on the other hand, concentrate only on the necessary basics - for example niche courses such as event management, tourism management, hotel management.

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