Quantum dot is an artificial atom

Quantum dots

Quantum dots are structures in the nanometer range that have so far only been known from semiconductor materials (InGaAs, CdSe, GaInP / InP). The peculiarity of a quantum dot is that, as charge carriers, they are limited in their spatial mobility and their energy can therefore not assume continuous, but only discrete values. They behave like atoms, only that quantum dots can be varied in shape, size and number of electrons.

The following list contains information sources available online on the physics and chemistry of quantum dots. Further information in English can be found under the bullet point quantum dots. See also: Sources of supply and manufacturers of quantum dots.

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Adiabatic pumping through quantum dots
Dissertation, 2007. University of Bochum

Antimony-containing quantum dots
Metal-organic gas-phase epitaxy and characterization of antimony-containing quantum dots. Dissertation, 2002. TU Berlin

Electronic structure of excited states of individual InAs quantum dots
Dissertation, 2009. TU Berlin

Excitonic complexes in single III-V quantum dots
Dissertation, 2005. TU Berlin

High-frequency excitation of individual electrons
... and feedback from a charge detector in coupled quantum dots. Dissertation Physics, (2011). University of Munich

In (Ga) As / GaAs quantum dots
Electroluminescence studies on In (Ga) As / GaAs quantum dots - gain and polarization of edge emitters. Dissertation, 2005. TU Berlin

InAs quantum dots
Concepts for the targeted lateral positioning of self-ordering InAs quantum dots. Dissertation, 2004. University of Stuttgart

InGaAs / GaAs quantum dots
Optical investigations of intersublevel transitions in self-organized InGaAs / GaAs quantum dots. Dissertation, 2005. TU Berlin

Coherent optical properties
Coherent optical properties of individual semiconductor quantum dots. Dissertation, 2005. Paderborn University

Charge transport through a single orbital quantum dot
... in the regime of the Coulomb blockade. Dissertation, 2006. University of Hamburg

Quantum dots in a magnetic field
Density functional theory and exact diagonalization. Dissertation, 2003. University of Regensburg

Transport through a quantum dot spin valve
Dissertation, 2006. University of Bochum

Interaction of self-organized quantum dots and two-dimensional electron gases
Dissertation, 2006. University of Duisburg-Essen


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