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Unusual project: rap music and dementia

REMINITENZ is a word invention. The word combines REMINISCENCE (a somewhat outdated expression for remembering) and RENITENZ, which means something like refusing to be under too much pressure in the direction of conformity and adaptation. RENITENZ is an attitude that goes well with RAP. And REMINISZENZ indicates that at the center of this album are the stories of people who have already experienced a lot that is worth remembering. The CD REMINITENZ is a joint production of the Dementia Support Stuttgart with the rapper and geriatric nurse “MEIN NAME IST NASE”.

“I regret nothing” was shot in September 2016 in Stuttgart. There were people between the ages of 14 and 86, with and without cognitive impairments, lovers of folk music, hip hop, hits, classical and rock. They all danced, celebrated and created a colorful performance. In it the wild days of the storyteller's youth come to life, who meanwhile faces aging and dementia changes and has not lost the old fighting spirit.

The special feature: Ten elderly people have their say, most of whom live with neurodegenerative or cognitive impairment. They told their stories to the staff at Dementia Support so that they could be translated into rap songs by the musician MEIN NAME IST NASE and musical accompanists, and then set to music.

This is how pieces of music were created that tell authentic stories in the expression of the RAP. Each song text was discussed with the storyteller and it was checked whether it actually reflected what was said and meant. Where necessary, the songs were changed or rewritten - until they were finally approved by the storytellers. The result is a musically and lyrically convincing contribution to German-language RAP music and the articulation of the voices of people with dementia.

Samples and orders

Go to YouTube for the REMINITENZ CDMusic videoto the song "I don't regret anything". In addition: A documentary clip that gives insights into the creation of “I do not regret anything” and in which some of the makers have their say. This “making of” the songcan be viewed here.

Anyone who would like to purchase the CD from Demenz Support BFS GmbH for a fee of € 10.00 can do so in the form of an e-mail with your order and stating your postal address [email protected] do.

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Photo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jitO-5XdK-Q