Nuclear energy is a waste of time

Greta Thunberg on the energy transition: Better nuclear power than coal power

Greta Thunberg (16) is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, is to get a golden camera, has become the face of an entire movement. She is the icon for young people who worry about the future and are afraid of the climate catastrophe.

Now she caused a stir with a Facebook post in which she spoke out in favor of nuclear energy, albeit with reservations!

“People keep asking me: 'What is the solution to the climate crisis?' And how 'do we solve this problem'? You expect me to know the answer. That is absolutely absurd, ”wrote Greta in her post.

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Nobody knows exactly what to do. There are many things that are important and necessary: ​​renewable energies such as solar and wind power, recycling, sustainable agriculture, vegan nutrition. But it's about the whole thing and not just about partial aspects, and in the search for a global way forward, one shouldn't demonize nuclear power either.

Debating nuclear energy is a waste of time, Greta wrote: “We have to keep a large number of thoughts in mind at the same time, and we need changes at an unprecedented rate. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, nuclear energy can be a small part of a very large carbon-free energy solution, especially in areas that cannot be fully powered by renewable energies. "

These sentences caused quite a stir on the internet, even if Greta added that she considers atomic energy to be extremely dangerous and far too expensive. For example, Rainer Meyer, who blogs under the pseudonym "Don Alphonso", targeted the green parliamentary group leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt, tweeted maliciously: "I would now like to see the face of @GoeringEckardt, who the nuclear lobbyist Greta has called a prophetess."

Obviously, being called a nuclear lobbyist wasn't what Greta wanted. In a note on Facebook she wrote that after various pages had presented their arguments in abbreviated form, they had revised their text slightly. Since Wednesday it has only been clear: "Personally, I'm against nuclear power."

The rest of Greta's text remained unchanged. It ends with a plea against politicians who would get tangled up in daily guerrilla warfare.

Greta addresses them directly: “We need a completely new way of thinking. Your political system is about competition. You cheat when you can because all that matters is to win. (...) We only reproduce what scientists say. Our only requirement is that you listen to these words. And then act. Please stop asking your children about ways out of the chaos they have created. "