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FLEXLOCK, the multi-directional joint

A natural rubber ring connects the temple with the front and thus equips the glasses with a multidirectional joint patented FLEXLOCK goggle joint by ROLF Spectacles.


Your flexible friend! Available for all of our collections.

The wooden glasses - glasses with a soul.

Man is closer to nature than you think. Wood is considered a warm, haptically appealing, robust and durable material. People feel connected to natural materials and harmonize perfectly with the play of colors in the natural materials.

Ten years ago, the ROLF company accepted the challenge of producing glasses from the natural material wood, with the aim and awareness of creating unique items from them.

Nature provides us with color, structure and surface.

The stone glasses - glasses with character.

Thousands of years old stone provides the basis for very special glasses frames.

Slate stone glasses - bent around the corner. For eyewear lovers who are looking for something special.

The horn-rimmed glasses - glasses with delicacy.

Glasses were made from horn hundreds of years ago. We redefined the process and challenged the material. Each pair of glasses made from a single piece of horn, not laminated, perfect transitions from the front to the temple.

“The horn-rimmed glasses” have long been a synonym for nerds, know-it-alls and bores. Today horn-rimmed glasses are celebrating a renaissance worldwide.

The titanium glasses - glasses made of powder.

Driven by the desire to create something new, has ROLF Spectacles to be inspired by technologies from a world that seems to be limitless - originated3D printing glasses made of titanium

The result is high functional minimalism, both in terms of things Glasses design as well as on Product level.

A visionary tells from powder to glasses


Awards for ROLF

Jury statement
“The process-related rough surface, actually a flaw, is not completely finished here, but retained to a certain extent and thus skillfully transformed into a special feature that arouses tactile interest. The hinge solution has also been skilfully implemented in this model series. "

We are happy about gold in the category Fashion Design - Natural eyewear.

Arax - Substance Collection - Special Mention

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Bean glasses - no joke!

Trees are nothing new to the master of wooden glasses. His latest vegetable raw material from the genus of the milkweed family is also called the miracle tree and, true to its name, turned out to be true All-rounder. It offered ROLF completely new possibilities and impressed as a material above all with its sustainability.

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TheROLF shop Vienna and the ROLF shop regrettedoffer a wide range of glasses from ROLF Spectacles. In addition, there is professional advice and the best service.

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The Excellence eyewear collectionfrom ROLF Spectacles stands for lightness, grace and simple elegance. Engraved glasses frames and two-tone designs are evidence of high precision and attention to detail.

Wooden glasses & stone glasses

Glasses were made from horn hundreds of years ago. For theMonoceros eyewear collection the manufacturing process was redefined and the material challenged. Each pair of glasses made from a single piece of horn, not laminated, perfect transitions from the front to the temple.

Buffalo horn glasses

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