What is a public garden

Botanical Garden

Also popular as a local recreation area, the garden offers its visitors a lot of information in addition to relaxation. The main thematic focuses of botany are Central European plant families and useful plants from all over the world.

Native plant species can be found here as well as exotic ones. Wild and useful plants from all tropical regions of the world grow in a show greenhouse. Plants that are too warm in the tropical house will find optimal conditions in the cold house. There is also a 120 m² facility for cacti and succulents.

In addition to the botanical areas, some animal enclosures can also be visited in the botanical garden. These are exclusively species and races that the Chemnitz Zoo does not show.

In addition to farm animals such as geese, sheep and pygmy goats, eagle owls, ravens and raccoons also live in special species-appropriate enclosures. Small rodents such as hamsters, mice and degus can be viewed in a separate building. A special attraction is the aquarium house, where amphibians, reptiles, insects and fish are housed.

All of these animals are looked after and looked after by students in working groups. In addition, the students from the Chemnitz schools come here to find out about the animals and how they are kept as visual aids for teaching.

The botanical garden in this form is unique in Germany.