How does Wikipedia deal with wrong content

Politicians no longer insist on Wikipedia bans

Lutz Heilmann, a member of the Bundestag for the Links parliamentary group, no longer insists on a forwarding block for the website. The politician stated in a press release today: "After the wrong, detrimental and therefore personal rights violating content was largely removed from the relevant article, I told Wikimedia eV that I would not take any further legal steps and that I would be forwarded to Wikipedia -Content can be switched again at " Wikimedia e.V. can now make the contents of the non-commercial Internet encyclopedia accessible again via the URL Heilmann says he regrets that due to the injunction he requested from the Lübeck Regional Court, German Wikipedia users no longer had direct access to the Wikipedia content in the past 24 hours.

He was not concerned with censoring the content but with a "true presentation of facts", explained Heilmann. The legal way turned out to be problematic because the structure of Wikipedia affected the other users. Heilmann now wants to look for other ways together with Wikimedia e.V. to further develop the "open and free character of Wikipedia in such a way that personal rights are preserved".

Articles about Heilmann were still available

As reported, with this step Heilmann wanted to defend himself against what he believed to be false claims in a Wikipedia entry about himself. Among other things, it was also about passages that concerned his previous Stasi work. With the injunction, Heilmann had achieved that the address no longer forwarded to the contents of the online lexicon. Despite the access block, the article was still available at the URL, and Heilmann's move also drew the attention of the Internet community to it.

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. had announced that it would object to the decision of the Lübeck Regional Court. "Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. is not the provider of the Wikipedia made accessible at and also has no influence on the content available in the online encyclopedia," the association says. "The Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. is rather a non-profit association for the promotion of free knowledge, which only provides information about the use of Wikipedia. The operator of the encyclopedia is the Wikimedia Foundation named in the provider identification of the encyclopedia." Internet users who call up the address still see this justification at the moment.