How can I draw a realistic picture

Draw realistically

Use perspective!Perspective, or how objects seem different sizes in relation to their distance from you, is very important in making objects look realistic. For example, if you are creating a realistic landscape, you will need to draw the trees that are further away as smaller and in less detail, when in reality they may be larger than the trees that are closer to you. This mimics how your eye perceives objects and makes the picture more realistic.
  • Perspective is drawn by first finding the horizontal line. If you look at anything in real life, you will see that there is a point where the physical earth that you can see meets the sky. That is the horizontal line. You need to figure out where it should be in your picture and use a ruler to draw it in lightly.
  • Draw a vanishing point! You can use one, two, or three dots. One is the easiest while two are the most common. Three are hard, so avoid until you're comfortable with it! The method for a two-point perspective is described below.
  • Draw those one or two points somewhere on the horizontal line! This is the direction or are the directions in which the objects flee. You can have the dots on the paper itself, or they can be far from the sheet of paper and marked on your drawing pad. With two point perspective, you need to have a point on each side of the object you are trying to draw.
  • Draw the central line of your object, then use a ruler to draw lines back to your vanishing point from top to bottom!
  • Find out how far back the object goes, then draw a few more vertical lines between the oblique escape lines to start creating the box your object fills in!
  • Close your box by drawing a line from the back line on one side to the perspective point on the opposite side! You can now see which parts of your object should be visible and to what extent.