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Flying During the Corona Pandemic: What You Need To Know

Because of the corona pandemic, there are still significantly fewer aircraft taking off than before, not only in Germany, but worldwide. Which is important if you still want to fly now.

  • Test obligation for all air travelers from abroad

  • Medical or FFP2 masks are compulsory in the aircraft

  • Passengers without a face mask can be refused a flight

  • Limited on-board service with many airlines

The current Travel warningswhich affect almost all countries in Europe, at least in part regions, and also the Lockdown in Germany continue to ensure a rather low demand for flight bookings.

Nonetheless, the airlines have numerous activities taken to flying even during the corona pandemic as safe as possible to design.

Test obligation for air travelers from abroad

All air travelershave to alreadyat the check in show a negative test result at the place of departure - even if they are outNon-risk areas return to Germany. No flight is possible without a negative test.

Since a negative corona test is also a prerequisite for the entry in many countries, most have airports in Germany Stations where passengers can be tested for Covid-19.

Information on costs, waiting times and addresses for corona tests at airports

Mask compulsory in the aircraft for passengers aged six and over

All passengers aged six and over must have a (medical or FFP2) Mouth and nose protection according to the EU-wide regulation. Lufthansa and Eurowings have now tightened this obligation to the effect that an exemption from the face mask requirement medical certificate is not sufficient. In addition, a current negative corona test must be submitted.

Flying without a face mask: This threatens those who refuse to wear a mask

Passengers who want to take their flight without or with the wrong face mask can run into problems, they say ADAC lawyers: "The airlines are free, within the framework of their domiciliary rights, to issue a corresponding requirement on board their own aircraft.

If passengers who do not wear a mask are denied boarding, they are only entitled to claims if the denial of boarding was unjustified. "In the event of a dispute, a dish clarify whether the obligation ordered by the airline to wear protection to maintain safety on board was justified.

The airlines' duty of protection and care

If fellow passengers refuse to wear their mask during the flight, the staff must ensure that they comply with the Hygiene regulations hold. According to the ADAC lawyers, the airline has to observe so-called protection and care obligations towards its passengers.

This also means that the airline must ensure that the Risk of infection with Covid-19 is kept as low as possible on board. For example, it must be ensured that distance, hygiene and other rules are observed. Should an airline breach such obligations, passengers can claim Compensation if they have suffered damage as a result of the breach of duty. But be careful: the Burden of proof then lies with the passenger and can be difficult under certain circumstances.

Free middle seat can be booked at Eurowings and Lufthansa

Who more distance If you want to have a seat next to you, you can buy it from Lufthansa, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines and Swiss. Eurowings, the low-cost airline of Lufthansa, offers that the Middle seat remains free. With Lufthansa, Austrian and Swiss this costs from 35 euros each way on European flights.

On-board service restricted due to Corona

The on-board service is severely restricted at Lufthansa, Ryanair and Eurowings. Partly are packaged Snacks and drinks offered. Lufthansa no longer offers drinks on flights of less than 50 minutes.

Hygiene measures in the aircraft

To the infection risk to minimize on board, all airlines state that they clean and close their machines intensively disinfect. In addition, the airlines use, among other things, filters for suspended matter (also called Hepa filters), which are also used Aerosols filter.

To ADAC travel medicine specialist Dr. Klaus Schäfer: "Facing the risk of infection SARS-CoV-2 is reduced by Hepa filters compared to rooms that do not have such systems, but by no means reduced to zero. The closer you sit to an infected person and the longer you stay there, the higher it is riskto get infected yourself. "

Ryanair, Lufthansa & Co .: Reduced flight offer

Europe's largest Low cost airline Ryanair is cutting its flight offer even more due to the changing travel restrictions in the corona pandemic. Numerous connections from Germany have already been canceled or, contrary to earlier plans, not included in the flight plan.

The Lufthansa Group corrected its flight offer again and continues to head for significantly fewer domestic and international destinations.

Easyjet currently flies mostly domestic flights in the UK and France, as well as a minimal number of international flights. There are still no direct connections in Germany.

Passengers: These are their rights in the event of a flight cancellation or delay.

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