Who Uses Lead Distribution Software

B2B marketing automation

Can I integrate Aioma with the CRM?

Yes. Aioma is the ideal complement to HubSpot, Salesforce or any other CRM. Aioma is a preconfigured marketing platform - filled with suitable content. Relevant content that is precisely sent to existing contacts. The active contacts are synchronized with the CRM.

How can Aioma be integrated into the existing website?

Via a subdomain, e.g. content.yourcompany.com and Google Tag Manager (GTM), Aioma and the resources can be integrated into the existing website within minutes. The software was developed from the ground up for integration into other systems, such as CRM, website, shop.

Can Aioma send the same newsletter to all contacts?

No, Aioma takes care of data-driven newsletters - the creation should use existing content and not cause any effort. However, you can specifically use additional campaigns with Mailchimp or another newsletter tool and link them to Aioma.

How can you write content so quickly?

We rely on journalist networks and can therefore look for the right experts from around 6,000 freelance journalists. The briefings to the journalists contain not only technical information but also details on the tone, target group and approach.

How long does it take from the first check-in to the go-live of the solution?

As a rule, we plan the GoLive within 30 days of the kickoff meeting, but this depends heavily on your resources.

How much time do I need as a company until the solution is online?

Aioma was specially developed for manageable resources, sales & marketing teams - so that they can achieve great things. The exchange of knowledge is extremely important. We therefore recommend planning around 4 to 8 working days for the content strategy and text reviews.