How do I fix an ole leak

The 100-ton bell clogged and was too buoyant, as a spokesman for the oil company BP said. Rescue workers therefore had to pull the bell off the leak again. Attempts are now being made to clear the blockage and other solutions are being examined.
But this will take at least until Monday. BP spokesman Doug Suttles emphasized that this did not mean that the bell had failed. However, what was tried on Friday evening had failed. Originally it was planned to use the bell to catch up to 85 percent of the oil leaking from (tomorrow) Sunday.
The water temperature at a depth of 1,500 meters is only a little over zero degrees. Around 800,000 liters of oil gush out of the leaks on the seabed every day since the “Deep Water Horizon” drilling platform used by BP sank after an explosion on April 22nd. Eleven workers were killed in the explosion. The cause of the momentous explosion 80 kilometers off the coast of Louisiana was apparently a methane gas bubble and a series of breakdowns.
According to the Coast Guard, the first lumps of tar, which are believed to have come from the leaks, washed ashore on a public beach on Dauphin Island in Alabama on Saturday. The island is about five kilometers off the coast of the US state and more than 160 kilometers from the site of the accident.