What will gorilla glue not adhere to

Bad idea: influencer uses spray glue instead of hairspray

Admittedly, each of us has probably already had one or the other beauty mishap, whether it was a failed make-up or an unfavorable hairstyle. Most of the time this is no longer tragic: Make-up can be washed off, a bad haircut can be concealed. It is more problematic if you use a product in a place where it has absolutely no business, either because you reach for the wrong bottle in the heat of the moment - or because you are in a hurry. The latter also happened to him Social media star Tessica Brown (40) from Louisiana: Because you Hairspray was empty, used it Spray adhesive - a mistake with serious consequences ...

Spray glue instead of hairspray? Not a good idea!

Creativity often pays off. There are numerous home remedies that work wonders for skin and hair when used for other purposes. But some products simply have no place on the human body. Tessica Brown, who has more than 6 million likes on the TikTok video platform and more than 743,000 subscribers on Instagram, also discovered this.

As various media outlets, including the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar, have already reported, Tessica Brown had run out of the hairspray she normally uses. So she quickly grabbed a can of Gorilla spray adhesive. The desired result occurred, the hairstyle was right - but far longer than desired. All attempts to later wash off the spray adhesive failed.

The gorilla glue girl

At a loss, Tessica Brown asked her fans for help - and became known to the network community as the "Gorilla Glue Girl" (German: Gorilla-Kleber-M├Ądchen). In addition to shampoo, she also tried home remedies, including various oils, to wash off the glue - without result. Trying to shave off your hair didn't help either: the razor simply bounced off the sticky hair.

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Ultimately, Tessica Brown decided to go to a hospital emergency room in Louisiana. There she was cared for and also given acetone and sterile water to continue the treatment at home.

But apparently that wasn't all - luckily, the influencer was lucky: A cosmetic surgeon from Los Angeles found out about the adhesive spray debacle and offered to help her with another $ 12,500 treatment - free of charge. The online tabloid magazine TMZ shared videos of the 4-hour operation on Instagram - and Tessica Brown's look after the operation truly speaks volumes ...

Hair roots may be irreparably damaged

After the incident, Tessica Brown wears her hair short for the time being. However, it is possible that your hair roots were irreparably damaged by the oxygen deprivation. In this case, once the hair has fallen out, it is possible that it will not grow back. In order to be certain how far-reaching the consequences of this mistake actually are, only one thing helps: wait and see. We keep our fingers crossed for Tessica Brown that she doesn't have to suffer too long from her careless mistake ...

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