How do you suppress hunger

Suppress Feeling Hungry - 18 Hacks That Will Help You!

Do you want to suppress your feeling of hunger? Then you should follow these tips! But be careful: It doesn't always make sense to ignore and overcome hunger!

Sometimes a growling belly doesn't suit us at all. Just before an important appointment or a visit to the doctor.

Or when you want to lose weight.

But you can suppress the feeling of hunger. We'll tell you how!

You can find out in this post

Did you know that your hormones are responsible for hunger and appetite? You can make them your allies! If you know how to influence hormones, you can suppress your feeling of hunger.

And that without powder, tablets, capsules or nutritional supplements.

Let's look at that in detail. Your hormones control your metabolism. They are involved and determine whether you put on fat or build muscle. Among other things, they ensure that you have an appetite or suppress hunger.

If you look closely, it's these three hormones

  • Leptin
  • Ghrelin
  • and neuropeptide Y (NPY)

Basically, our body knows exactly what it is doing. But sometimes you can help him with a few tricks. The best example of this is suppressing the feeling of hunger. Because for this you just have to bring the hormones into balance.

If you can do that, you can prevent cravings.

Is it real appetite or is it emotional hunger?

When to suppress your hunger and when not to

The idea behind hunger is that your body gives you a signal when it needs energy. This energy helps him to maintain all functions.

If your stomach growls, your body needs replenishment. When the time comes, your blood has already given off most of the energy. The longer you wait, the more hungry you will feel.

Our body releases messenger substances that inform our brain whether we still have enough energy available or not.

These messenger substances prevent us from eating too much or too little. In theory, it is enough to listen to your body if you want to achieve a healthy weight. But theory and practice differ widely here.

Because we have learned to ignore our feeling of satiety. Even children are taught that they have to eat everything that is on their plate. Once they have finally made it, there will be something sweet as a reward.

In short, you can suppress your feeling of hunger, but you shouldn't always do it. Because your body knows exactly when to contact you. And if you have children: don't always force them to eat everything.

Why it doesn't always make sense to suppress the feeling of hunger

Cravings often arise, especially with extreme zero diets or crash diets. The stomach growls, you feel weak and have no more power. Beware of such diets! You are very unhealthy!

Even if you want to lose weight, you need to consume enough calories. Otherwise your metabolism will slow down and you will not be able to lose weight.

However, the calories you eat should be chosen wisely. Sugar and white flour, for example, provide tons of calories, but no vitamins or nutrients. Small example: 100 grams of milk chocolate contains 535 calories. 100 strawberries contain 30 calories and provide lots of vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, iron, job and manganese.

The chocolate is delicious, but besides sugar, fat and lots of calories there is nothing useful in it. It lands right on the hips.

So: calories are important as long as you eat the right ones. Of course, it also depends on how many calories you give your body and how many it actually needs.

  1. Calculate your calorie consumption with our We Go Wild calorie calculator. Here you can find out how many calories you really need.
  2. Always reduce calories slowly and in a controlled manner. It won't get you where you want to be if you just eat salad.
  3. Eat balanced and varied. Use a nutrition plan that is really tailored to you. You can put together our We Go Fit nutrition plan yourself here.

So if you have a severe loss of energy from dieting, then there is no point in suppressing hunger. It just doesn't help if you manage to eat little and then have no strength and energy. You can do without zombie mode!

But what is the point of being able to suppress one's feeling of hunger? It should help you lose weight easier. By the way, when you feel hungry, it is often just a matter of appetite and not real hunger.

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Bitter substances are very important for our body. But because they hardly occur naturally in any food, it makes sense to take them as a supplement. Just give it a try. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back.

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Which hacks you can use to suppress your feeling of hunger in everyday life

So we now know: Hormones decide whether we are hungry and suppressing hunger does not always make sense.

You can use these hacks to keep your hunger hormones in check. Not every measure suits everyone. You don't have to implement all the measures, choose 1-2 at the beginning and test what works best for you.

If you have to go fast because a growling stomach just doesn't fit, you can use these tricks.

# 1 Drink lots of water

Often times we are actually thirsty instead of hungry. Because both needs are controlled in the hypothalamus, things can get mixed up.

If you feel like you need to eat something and you are not sure that you are hungry, then try a glass of water. You can use it to suppress your feeling of hunger because water fills the stomach. It doesn't last long, but sometimes it can cause your hunger to go away completely. Namely when you weren't hungry at all, but actually thirsty.

If water is too boring for you, you can flavor it with lemon, orange, ginger or mint. Also delicious: all kinds of herbal teas.

You should stay away from other things like light drinks. The sweeteners in it will make you even more hungry. You are on the safe side with water and tea.

You should really drink that much water a day!

# 2 Drink coffee

Anyone who has tried intermittent fasting knows: Coffee helps suppress hunger and helps you get through the morning without eating.

Why this is so has not yet been clearly clarified. But as long as it helps, there's nothing wrong with indulging in a coffee.

Many coffee drinks to go contain more calories than a chocolate bar. So keep it simple and avoid milk and sugar if possible. If that doesn't work, then at least use very little of it.

One cup of black calories has just 2 calories. So you can treat yourself to it.

Incidentally, this also works with green tea, if you don't like coffee.

This is why coffee is so good for losing weight!

# 3 Move around if you want to suppress hunger

Even a 10 minute walk can help you suppress the feeling of hunger. If you have a little more time, strength training and endurance sports can help you balance your hormones. Regular workouts change your brain and help it to better control hormone release.

You also learn to develop a feeling for “hunger or appetite”. In the long term, a mix of exercise and a healthy diet is the best way to suppress your feeling of hunger.

# 4 Distract yourself to curb your appetite

Find something quickly that will distract you. But it has to be something that really gets you into the flow.

This can be a task where you have to concentrate properly, tinkering or repairing something, cleaning up, making a phone call, watering flowers. I'm sure you can think of something that makes you focus on something other than food.

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How to suppress hunger while eating

Even while you are eating, you can work on not having a growling stomach again so quickly.

# 5 Stock up on nutrients to help suppress the feeling of hunger

You need a lot of vitamins and minerals every day so that all processes in the body work. Incidentally, this also includes hormone metabolism.

Every mineral has a task that it solves together with micronutrients. If you want to lose weight or want to make progress with your training, then you need a lot of vital substances.

So if you follow a one-sided diet, you can be sure that you are not consuming enough vitamins and minerals.

Particularly nasty: a lack of magnesium, vitamin B5 or vitamin D leads to cravings! Too little vitamin C, iodine or vitamin B2 can slow down your fat loss.

So if you are constantly hungry and don't know why, a mineral or vitamin deficiency may be to blame!

Cravings for chocolate? That's behind it!

# 6 Cut down on sugar and white flour

If you want to suppress your feeling of hunger, then you should eat properly from now on. This includes avoiding sugar and white flour as much as possible. Because they ensure that you will quickly get hungry again.


Put simply, sugar and white flour cause your blood sugar level to rise very quickly after eating. You feel wonderful, invincible and full of power.

An hour later, blood sugar levels plummet again. You are mega hungry and want something sweet again. A vicious circle.

Incidentally, the same applies to fructose, i.e. fruit sugar. Especially when it is used as a sugar substitute in food. It is declared as “natural sweetness” in many spreads and finished products.

However, industrially produced fructose ensures that the desire for sweets remains. It is even said to suppress the feeling of satiety.

Now that doesn't mean you should stop eating fruit. Because there is fructose in fruits, but also a whole load of vitamins and nutrients.

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# 7 Use bitter substances against cravings

Rocket, chicory, artichokes, radicchio, grapefruit and many other bitter foods will reduce your appetite. They keep you from getting cravings for sweets.

The problem with bitter foods, however, is their taste. We're just not used to eating bitter foods anymore. That's why we don't like it and we prefer to use sweets.

If you feel the same way, then I can recommend the products from Bitterliebe again. You just need to take a few drops of it and the problem is solved :)

# 8 Eat lots of vegetables if you want to suppress hunger

Vegetables are healthy, children already know that. But it can do a lot more. Because vegetables are your best friend if you want to lose weight.

Vegetables are low in calories and fill the stomach. The fiber it contains stimulates digestion. With many types of vegetables, the body needs a lot of energy to digest them - more than the vegetables provide.

Small example:

To eat 350 calories you can either eat 100 grams of rice. Or 1.6 kilograms of zucchini.

Of course, you shouldn't just eat zucchini right now. But how about reducing the amount of rice and serving a lot of fried vegetables with the rice? Vegetables are high in fiber and are mostly low in carbohydrates and calories. Exactly what you need now.

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# 9 Eat lots of protein and healthy fats

Who is fat, becomes fat. That was the assumption for years. This is complete nonsense. At least if you lump all the fats in one pot.

Of course, fats from schnitzel, burgers, chips and fries make you fat.

High-quality vegetable fats from flaxseed, olive oil and the like can help us lose weight and suppress hunger.

Treat yourself to a breakfast egg or a handful of nuts as a snack. Monitor your feeling of satiety. I like to mix nuts in muesli or eat them on the side. But be careful: don't overdo it, because they contain a lot of calories.

# 10 Eating slowly can suppress feelings of hunger

Eating when you actually want to suppress hunger? Yes, you read that right. Because you can curb your appetite if you eat consciously and slowly.

This will teach you to listen to your body. If you are distracted while eating, for example by TV or smartphone, then you will not even notice what and how much you are eating.

Instead of gulping down on the food, you need to learn to focus on what and how much you are eating.

Our brain takes about 15 minutes to feel full. If you gobble up, you will consume a lot more calories during that time.

Therefore: chew and eat slowly and consciously.

# 11 Indulge in fiber

We already had the topic briefly with vegetables. But fiber can also be found in other foods.

On the one hand, they fill us up. On the other hand, they also ensure that digestion works better. Studies show that they suppress the hunger hormone ghrelin and lower the ally neuropeptide Y.

Legumes, flax seeds, psyllium husks, vegetables, and fruits are wonderful sources of fiber.

Flax seeds and psyllium husks, for example, can be wonderfully mixed into smoothies. Just 1 teaspoon is enough to benefit from it.

That's why a growling stomach doesn't always mean hunger!

# 12 Treat yourself to your favorite food

The likelihood that your favorite food is a real calorie bomb is high. But that's perfectly fine in between.

As long as you don't eat lasagna every other day, you can treat yourself to it. Because the longer you go without dishes that you really feel like eating, the greater the cravings for them. You are also fighting the irrepressible desire to finally be able to eat something unhealthy again. Cheatday so to speak :)

With one cheatday per week you will notice that your appetite is curbed. The hormone leptin is responsible for this. The longer you go without something, the lower your leptin levels will be. In between it doesn't hurt to let it rise again.

As your leptin levels go up, your metabolism goes up. Your body learns that it is getting enough energy and does not turn its metabolism down. If your leptin level is too low, the body switches to energy-saving mode.

Exciting to know: if you eat a healthy diet, it can happen that you realize that your favorite food is not as good as you remembered it.

How you can suppress the feeling of hunger in the long term

You can also work on a few things in everyday life to suppress hunger. You have to see these tips in the long term and can only learn them bit by bit. But it is worth taking your time.

# 13 Differentiate hunger and appetite

If you want to suppress hunger, you need to learn what the difference between hunger and appetite is.

Because in fact, most of us can no longer do just that. We have simply forgotten how to do it. If you want to lose weight in the long term and maintain your weight, the first thing you need to learn is when you feel like eating and when you are really hungry.

Hunger is very important because our body shows us that it needs a supply of nutrients. Giving in to this feeling in between is not bad. Because let's be honest: now and then you deserve it.

It's just stupid if this happens to you regularly and you just keep eating, even though you know that you are already full.

You need to develop an awareness of how hungry you are. So ask yourself: is it really hungry or just lust because you feel like it?

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# 14 Exclude stimuli

If you can't hear, see, or smell anything that reminds you of food, then the chances are that you'll need to suppress hunger much less.

What is particularly common: Instagram or other social media channels that tempt you with delicacies. No wonder our brain immediately wants pancakes when it sees pictures like this?

So: the less there is that reminds you of food, the better. Banish chocolate, candy and anything edible from your field of vision.

# 15 Always eat at the same time of day if you want to suppress hunger

Our body loves routines. Therefore, you will always get hungry at the same time. The hormone ghrelin is responsible for this.

There is a lot of discussion about whether it makes sense to eat 3 or 5 servings a day. New studies show that the number of servings is less important than regularity.

Small example: You usually eat a larger portion at 1 p.m. But because you have an important appointment today, you have to eat at 11 a.m.

Almost punctually at 1 p.m., your stomach growls.

This phenomenon can be explained with our biorhythm. We have learned our body that there is something to eat at 1 p.m. And now he would like to demand that too. So it releases the hormone ghrelin, which then only tells us something: hunger!

Tip: eat your meals regularly and, if possible, at the same time. Then you prevent that.

But what if you're hungry at 1 p.m.? Reach for a healthy snack. Fruits, vegetables or something else low in calories is just right now to bridge your low.

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# 16 Deal with stress properly

An important appointment with a customer, the car is on strike and then also a friend who now calls you all the time - pure stress. Many will now start snacking. But you don't, because you know that stress leads to cravings.

Stress is the most common reason why weight loss projects quickly disappear back into the drawer. Losing weight is actually stressful for the body. If there are also jobs and private matters, only chocolate helps.

There are two types of stress. Some eat unhealthily and a lot when they are stressed. The other is not hungry when it is stressful.

If you get cravings, try relaxation techniques like yoga, a walk, or other distractions. If you need to snack, make sure you don't have anything sweet around. A delicious fruit salad is also a wonderful anti-stress agent.

It makes no difference to our brain whether you reach for vegetables, fruit or chocolate in stressful situations. It makes a huge difference to the body.

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# 17 Sleep when you want to suppress hunger

Those who get enough sleep regularly can prevent cravings. Studies have shown that sleep is a real slimmer. Our hormones are also responsible for this.

When you sleep deeply and regularly, the body reacts with the satiety-making hormone leptin. It lowers the feeling of hunger because it suppresses the hormone ghrelin.

So adjust your sleeping habits if you want to lose weight.

# 18 Take a break if you want to suppress your feeling of hunger

Do you want to curb your appetite because you want to lose weight? Your fat loss works quite well, but your hunger is enormous?

It is possible that the hormones leptin and insulin are playing tricks on you here. This often happens when you are on a very low-carb diet. If you eat low carb, your blood sugar level will stay fairly constant, which is great for losing weight.

But at the same time, your leptin levels drop, which can make you feel hungry.

That's why you shouldn't completely avoid carbs. Good carbohydrates, such as those found in whole grains, oatmeal, potatoes or legumes, can land on your plate.

If you eat low-carbohydrates for a long time, then you should take a break from time to time. That brings the hormones back into balance.

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Which foods can suppress the feeling of hunger

There are some foods and spices that can help you fight hunger. Try to put these on your diet regularly.

  • A low-calorie soup or salad before you eat will fill you up before you even get to the main course
  • Cayenne pepper and chilli stimulate the metabolism
  • Ginger improves digestion and can suppress cravings
  • Wasabi suppresses appetite
  • Cinnamon regulates blood sugar and thereby slows down sugar
  • Flax seeds and psyllium husks fill you up
  • Oatmeal stops your appetite
  • Sweet potatoes contain resistant starch, which makes them slow to digest
  • Tuna, herring and salmon are high in leptin and curb the appetite
  • Tofu suppresses hunger
  • Homemade vegetable juice

Our conclusion

If you want to suppress your feeling of hunger, you should first find out what is causing it. It is not always wise to suppress hunger because your body wants to tell you something. In some situations, however, it can be quite useful.