What brings journalism and law together

Understanding creates transparency. Transparency creates trust.

In 2018 we joined forces to improve collaboration between journalists and lawyers. We, that was a little more than a handful of journalists and lawyers, who had noticed for a long time, partly in direct cooperation, that communication between lawyers and journalists is often difficult. Journalists do not understand the language of lawyers correctly and after discussions with journalists lawyers wonder about the interpretation of their statements. This is not infrequently due to the fact that lawyers often depend on details, while journalists usually have to summarize and simplify content in order to present it to a broader public. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to inaccuracies or even errors in reporting that lawyers find difficult to understand. In the worst case scenario, lawyers no longer want to talk to journalists about their work. We think: It doesn't have to be.

That is why we have come together as Journalismus und Recht e.V. to improve understanding between lawyers and journalists by informing one professional group about the working methods and interests of the other. For this purpose, we regularly give lectures to lawyers, in particular judges, public prosecutors, lawyers and legal scholars, as well as to journalists on topics in the field of law and journalism. We also organize roundtable discussions between the two professional groups on current topics. Finally, we provide information on topics and developments in the fields of journalism and law, including on our website.