Why is Brendon Urie's forehead so long

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Now everyone is probably wondering who it was I met in the pharmacy.
After the last few days and weeks, I had already wondered when he would appear again in the whole thing and, above all, what role he played in all of it. Because believe me, Ryan Ross has always had a hand in it. When I turned and looked into Ryan's surprised face, I felt caught like never before in my life.
Caught doing something that is actually nothing that should make you feel caught out. Oddly enough, when Ryan looked suspiciously, Beth crossed my mind. What would she think of all that had happened over the past few days?
"What are you doing ...", he looked at his wrist, on which there was no watch to be seen, "... anyway outside at this time?"
I tapped nervously with one foot on the floor and tried to keep my trembling body still with the other. I could only imagine how confused the little pharmacist looked now. At that moment I hoped nothing more than that I would hide enough of the counter with all the colorful packages behind me.
"I could ask you the same thing!" I replied quickly, after a few seconds of silence, and cursed in my mind and turned back to the little lady, whose gaze was currently completely illegible. I pointed randomly at one of the colorful boxes on the counter and formed the word "fast" with my lips, so that I could disappear again as quickly as possible.
"I asked first!" I heard him call out from behind me. The dull noises his footsteps made on the brown marble floor slowly approached me and it felt as if my tremors were slowly turning into panic shivering. But when I took a quick look at my hands, which were resting on the counter, they were surprisingly still relatively quiet. Just before Ryan appeared next to me, the little pharmacist had stowed the elongated blue pack in one of those little pharmacy bags and pushed the rest off the counter into a drawer. Thanking and relieved I looked at her, which she only replied with a friendly smile.
"Thanks." I said kindly and I was sure that she understood the ambiguity.
"There you go. Honor us again soon."
I felt Ryan's eyes wandering suspiciously between hers and mine.
"What can I do for you?" The plump woman asked Ryan now as warmly as she had spoken to me before. He raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth, but it wasn't until a few seconds later that words really came out.
"Oh, um I ..." he stuttered and finally cleared his throat a few times while nervously tugging at his collar with his fingers. I took a step back to give him at least some privacy. Then he leaned over the counter and whispered something to the equally puzzled-looking pharmacist that I couldn't understand. She seemed to have understood everything, however, because as soon as Ryan's lips stopped moving, a warm smile crept up her mouth again and she disappeared again between the many shelves. I looked around again. Nobody was to be seen except us, only a few lights flickered in the shop window and gave a sign of liveliness to the outside.
Still, I felt that I was being watched.
I didn't know whether to wait for Ryan or just leave. As a result of his secrecy, he didn't seem to care about my company. So I turned around without another word and crept quietly towards the revolving door. I was all the more relieved when I managed to slip back out onto the street unnoticed. I took a deep breath and then made my way back home with quick steps.
"Not so fast, Miss Sullivan." I heard a man's voice calling from behind me, accompanied by fast tapping noises.
I pretended I hadn't heard anything and kept walking, the small plastic bag in one hand and the other in my jacket pocket.
"Hey!" He called again and his steps got louder and louder until Ryan finally appeared next to me and put a hand on my shoulder. He was also holding a small plastic bag in the other hand. I would have loved to know what was in there.
I didn't know why, but inside I seemed to be building an unnatural cold towards Ryan. At least that's what it felt like. I wondered why I couldn't move myself to look at him.
"Why are you in such a hurry?", He said and tried to keep up with me, "Brendon is already waiting!"
Now I couldn't help but look at him with wide eyes.
"Eh ... was just kidding?" Ryan replied questioningly when he saw my horrified expression. I was glad that my safe rescue was not so far away. From a distance I could see that Brendon must have switched on the light in my room. I really hoped Ryan wouldn't ask me again why I had run to a pharmacy in the dark at that time. He seemed to be really interested in what I was carrying in that little bag.
His first attempt to engage me in small talk was not the last. Sentences with more or less meaningful content reached my ear all the way to the front door, while I walked beside him in silence, nodding here and there or shaking my head.
The last time I'd seen Ryan, I had a feeling that our next meeting was going to be strange. I loved his best friend when I had been in love with him before. And he knew all of it. I found it incredibly uncomfortable to have a reasonable conversation with him with the knowledge in my head.
"You're not particularly talkative today, are you?"
In response, I just gave him a bored look back, then returned my eyes to the only lighted window on my block.
"Are you here on foot?" I finally asked, already longingly clutching my key ring in my jacket pocket.
Ryan seemed surprised that I'd suddenly rediscovered the ability to speak, but completely ignored my question.
"Is Brendon with you by any chance?" He asked and stood, hands in his pockets, in front of the small entrance stairs, while I quickly unlocked the door and nodded.
"Yes, he's upstairs.", I finally said when I noticed that he had most likely not seen my nod, "Do you want to come up with me quickly?"
I asked this question out of courtesy rather than really wanting to have company with him longer.
I wanted Brendon to myself and the first time I said this phrase in my head I was shocked by myself; of how selfish I could be. Or was it the fear that the two of them would make fun of me again?
Certainly not.
I was confused about myself once again.
"Sure, why not," he replied with a clearly audible overzealousness that made me a little suspicious. What did he want so important from Brendon?
If Ryan had asked me a few years ago if he could come to see me, I would probably have started hyperventilating on the spot.
And now?
I just smiled at him a little and nodded in the direction of the hallway, which was now visible through the front door that was wide open.
I wondered what it would be like for Brendon to see Ryan and me walk into my apartment together. I hoped he wouldn't think wrong.
The thought of seeing Ryan as something other than a friend troubled me. He was still one of the cutest and loveliest people I knew. I still understand today why I was so in love with him back then. But the thought of being with him in the present was simply unimaginable and absurd for me.
Still, I couldn't understand my inwardly disapproving attitude towards him. Without a word we climbed the stairs to the fifth floor. I suddenly stopped somewhere between the third and fourth floors. I had a bad feeling about the whole thing. Ryan, who had been walking in front of me the whole time, also stopped and looked around at me.
"What is?"
I let my gaze wander around me and through the dimly lit hallway and looked for an excuse to send him home again. After all, my premonitions were legendary.
But at the moment they scared me.
When I looked at Ryan again with my mouth open, his forehead was already furrowed impatiently.
What should I tell him now?
'Ryan, I have a bad feeling about this. You'd better go again. '
Haha. Yes. Exactly.
"Nothing is okay."
Ryan didn't seem happy with my answer, but moved on in a hurry.
But with every step we approached the fifth floor, I tensed even more. At the top I finally shivered and put the key in the lock, and behind me I could hear Ryan tapping impatiently with his foot on the floor.
Something was going on.
When I finally opened the door, I did not find a pitch-dark, empty hallway as expected. The light was on and at the other end of the hall, next to the door that led to my room, Brendon was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall. This sight scared me at first because I couldn't explain it to myself. But when he lifted his head and smiled into my face, I felt my inner restlessness subside and smiled cautiously back.I stepped from the doorway into the hallway and let Ryan in, never taking my eyes off Brendon.
And then, as suspected, Brendon's expression changed abruptly at the sight of Ryan and he looked unemotionally between him and me.
Panic overcame me.
I knew it.
Ryan also seemed to have grasped and understood the situation and took a few steps towards Brendon.
Everything that happened after that happened so quickly that I couldn't even remember it exactly. Brendon slowly got up from the floor. He was on his feet before Ryan reached him at the other end of the hall. As if in slow motion, I saw Brendon clench his fists and swing them - all with an expressionless face. The cold he radiated at that moment was terrifying. And then it happened.
Brendon's fist collided with Ryan's face. From the door I couldn't see where exactly he met him.
I screamed briefly and watched helplessly as Ryan slumped in front of Brendon without even the slightest protest or cry of pain and continued to hold his lower jaw without a word. It almost looked like he himself believed he deserved it. Still with expressionless freezing cold and holding his fist in the air, Brendon stood in front of Ryan, who was now kneeling in front of him. Neither of them seemed particularly shocked by what had just happened.
It was just me.
I was afraid. About Ryan, yes, but less about Ryan. My fear for Brendon was greater.
What happened here
The door to the apartment was still open. With a strong push I let them bang, but still didn't dare to move towards the two of them.
Brendon turned his gaze to me now. His lack of emotion pierced my entire body like a thousand tiny needles.
And then...
He collapsed himself and began to cough violently. I immediately felt tears welling up in my eyes. I was afraid for him. I had never been so afraid for anyone. I hurried over to Brendon and fell on my knees in front of him. He himself was trembling violently and could only barely get on his knees. His body twitched violently with every cough and I was afraid he would choke on it because he barely had time to breathe. I cautiously stretched out my hand to him, but he immediately hit it away with the one still free and hastily tried to get back on his feet and away from me. Ryan, who was still kneeling next to me and holding his face, just stared at the floor and didn't move. Weeping quietly, I watched as Brendon stood up, shaking, and tried to stagger down the hall.
But only after a few steps did he collapse and lie motionless.
"Brendon!" I shouted in total panic and crawled as fast as I could towards his now motionless body. He was lying on his side and the hand that he had held in front of his mouth shone with blood toward me.
He had coughed up blood.
He was ill.
He was going to die.
He will die.
He is dead.
I repeated this in my head and began to sob.
"Ryan! Do something!" I shouted at the top of my head and turned Brendon onto his back. The fact that he now had to let me touch him without resistance didn't comfort me. Sobbing heavily, I shook Brendon's shoulders lightly.
No sign of life.
With my face streaked with tears, I pressed my ear to his chest and listened for his heartbeat. It was still beating, but I imagined his breathing was irregular.
"RYAN!" I shouted even louder and looked around for him. Only now did he move slowly and look at me. At the sight of his face, however, I was shocked again. Tears ran down his face even and an unsightly red-blue swelling slowly formed on his lower jaw. He now seemed to have come to his senses again, for he hastily reached for the small apothecary bag that had fallen from his hand when Brendon's blow and rudely emptied its contents onto the floor in front of him. I could hardly see what it was because he immediately grabbed the little box and tossed me a little turquoise-green bottle.
"Disinfect his arm!" He shouted in a firm, almost angry voice. I took the vial off the floor, grabbed his arm, and sprayed it three or more times on the crook of his arm. Then Ryan came crawling over to me and knelt next to me. He had a syringe in hand.
"What are you doing?" I shouted hysterically, as if he'd gone mad. But he only tapped the syringe a few times so that the air could rise from below.
"Ryan! What is that ?!" I yelled at him and felt the panic in me keep increasing. I couldn't guarantee anything now. But when Ryan still didn't answer and he put the needle on Brendon's arm, all of my fuses blew and I pushed him away from Brendon. Not much happened to him. I wasn't particularly strong, but it was enough to get the syringe out of his hand and onto the floor. He looked at me angrily and forcibly grabbed my wrist because I wanted to grab it right away to have it out of his reach.
"Emily! If Brendon doesn't get this injection now, he'll die! Do you understand ?!" he yelled in my face.
That sat.
And it worked.
I looked at him with wide eyes. He had said what I feared and that was ten times worse.
It was the first time I had seen Ryan like this. He felt like a different person to me. Without another word, he picked up the syringe from the floor and started again. But this time I let him do it. When the needle stuck into Brendon's skin, I couldn't help but turn my head. I couldn't see it. Instead, I crawled to his other side and took his bloodied hand in mine, held it to my cheek and closed my eyes. I wanted to feel his warmth while I still could.
He couldn't die.
Otherwise I would die.


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