What is your favorite fabric for panties

Sewing underwear

Panties: Put the front and back parts right sides together and close the side seams (overlock or stretchable stitch e.g. zigzag).

Now close the crotch seam

Measure the child's leg circumference (thighs) and waist circumference. Add the value x 0.8, this gives the length of your cuff for example. 35 x 0.8 = 28. Cut 2x the cuff for the leg (4 cm wide) and 1x for the stomach (6 cm wide). Close the cuffs into rings and fold them in the middle once. Pin the cuff rings with the open side facing the leg opening and sew with a stretchy stitch.

You can of course also sew the boxers with cuffs, here I am showing the variant with a bordered hem and elastic band (for this you have to add the width of the elastic band +1 cm NZ on the upper edge.

Boxer Brief:

Put both front parts right sides together and close the middle seam.

Close the pages

For the leg you can either use cuffs (for calculation see panties) or jersey to border. The jersey cuff is also closed to form a ring and sewn right sides together on the leg opening.

Then you turn the jersey over to the left twice and sew it onto the right side of the leg.

Finally the waistband is sewn. Fold the waistband inwards around the width of the elastic band and sew a tunnel. Leave a 3 cm opening. Pull the elastic band into the tunnel, sew the band into a ring and close the opening.