You can choose your wedding photographer

The best tips & ideas for fabulous wedding photos

Your wedding photos - whether after a week or 50 years, you will always look at them with a tingling sensation in your stomach, a smile on your face and a lot of love in your eyes. And not a single one of the many great moments that you experienced (or even missed) at your wedding should be missing!

That is why we have written down the most important photo motifs of a wedding - the must-have wedding pictures with which you can relive your wedding day again and again.

Take our list as a guide and expand it with individually planned highlights of the wedding day.

Sure, many photos are taken for granted, but in the hustle and bustle of this important day, no list is free. If you write down all the motifs beforehand, you can be sure that you have not forgotten anything. That calms you down!

In our article we answer the following questions:

  1. Professional photographer or amateur photographer?
  2. Which photos can you have taken?
  3. Wedding photos from the wedding day: what is important?
  4. What can unusual wedding photos look like?
  5. Which poses are optimal?
  6. Do we also need a wedding video?
  7. How can we collect wedding pictures from the guests after the wedding?

1. Professional photographer or amateur photographer?

The first question: who should take the wedding photos? The clear answer: a professional!

A professional photographer is not cheap, but you should definitely not save money at this point!

This day only happens once, so the photos cannot be repeated. Think how sad it would be if you only have mediocre wedding photos for the photo book and Co. Not having hired a professional is later regretted by almost all newlyweds!

Taking photos without flash is especially popular in church. Even with a cloudy sky or even rain, the lighting conditions are not optimal. The photographer can only achieve good lighting with a professional camera!

Therefore our tip:

If you have the budget, you can book a professional photographer for the whole day and have a wedding report made in which everything is really photographed. This is the best case - you will cheer when you get all the wedding pictures after the wedding.

What should bridal couples consider when choosing a wedding photographer?

Finding the perfect wedding photographer is very difficult! That's why we asked Raman El Atiaoui (RAMAN-PHOTOS) what you have to look out for. For the second time he has just finished with the Masters of German Wedding Photography honored with the Photographer of the Year Award. So the charming wedding photographer knows his way around more than well!

Raman: “The preliminary talk is an absolute must so that you can check whether the chemistry is right. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, then you should at least have one via Skype. The photographer also has to fit into the budget. That is why it is better if you have the price list sent to you before you make an appointment.

You should also pay attention to the website and look at the blog posts. It is important that you look at entire weddings and not just individual pictures. This shows whether the photographer is able to take consistently good photos and not just two beautiful photos per wedding.

If a photographer doesn't have a blog or only posts 5 to 10 pictures per wedding, that can be a bad sign. There should be at least 50 each. You want to show your pictures when they are good. Even if prices are set too low, you should be careful. "

What should bridal couples pay attention to when booking a young photographer or a newly specialized wedding photographer?

As professional wedding photographer Raman El Atiaoui says: “You should be sure that the photographer is well prepared for the situation. If he makes a mistake, her story cannot be repeated.

It is also dangerous when young photographers brag and advertise pictures that were taken at a workshop. The problem here is that the pictures were taken under completely different conditions - under instruction and guidance with a great-looking model bride and groom, 5 hours of time and excellent locations.

Then it is clear that the result is some nice photos. But the young photographer cannot reproduce it. After all, these are not a real wedding under real conditions. However, customers are misled because they don't know. That's why it's better to ask if the photos are real weddings under real conditions.

And as with experienced wedding photographers, the same applies here: Look at the complete weddings with at least 50 pictures. The wheat is separated from the chaff. That is one of the most important wedding photography tips. "

Wedding photographer prices: what does a wedding photographer cost?

Of course, you can't say that in general. Several factors play a role for the wedding photographer prices:

  • How much experience does the photographer have? (Full-time / part-time?)
  • How many hours are booked?
  • Is he coming alone or with a second shooter?
  • How long is the journey?
  • How much equipment do you bring? (Several cameras / lenses, possibly drone, etc.)
  • How many edited images will be transferred later?
  • Is a small introductory shoot included in the price?

Here is a rough guide for wedding photographer prices:

1 hour on site costs around € 200-350, depending on your experience. That means you pay between € 1,600 and € 2,800 for an 8-hour report.

Remember that after 1 hour of photography there will be another couple of hours to sort out the pictures and edit them!

When hobby photographers should support

Even if you have to be extremely careful about your money, we strongly advise you to book a professional wedding photographer at least for the wedding ceremony as well as the group and bridal couple pictures. You hand over the rest of the celebration to 2-3 good and reliable amateur photographers from your friends and family. Attention: These should also be equipped with a really good camera (you can borrow them from friends if necessary) and be fit in terms of image processing.

In addition, several people should always be assigned to different (previously defined) areas. A hobby photographer alone would otherwise not notice any more of the wedding celebration because he would only be busy taking photos all day.

In addition, with several photographers you also have more shots and perspectives to choose from and it is simply more pleasant when you can share the work with others and thus also briefly disappear to the toilet without missing a moment of surprise.

What do you have to discuss with the photographer?

  • Make a note of which service costs how much.
  • Ask in advance how many pictures you will get (please do not accept any dubious offers where you pay for each individual picture).
  • When can you expect the pictures? As a guide: up to 2-3 months after the wedding are still in the frame.
  • What happens in the event of illness? Is there a replacement?
  • Give him a plan for the wedding, your list of must-have pictures and your special requests.

Have several wedding reports shown to you for the selection of the photographer - this is the only way to assess the work well. With an engagement shoot you can sniff yourselves and see whether the chemistry fits.

Your witnesses should inform your photographer in advance of any planned surprises so that they can also be photographed from start to finish.

It is practical that the photographer got to know the most important people (groomsmen, parents) in advance or saw pictures of them. So he knows who absolutely needs to be photographed.

Our tip:

He's a really fabulous wedding photographer who you will also have a lot of fun with Paul carrier. He photographs all over Germany and has our unreserved recommendation!

Paul Traeger Photography

Premium service provider

I want you to feel comfortable in front of my camera on the wedding day and that great, personal and authentic pictures are created. Good pictures are a matter of trust!

Here the professional wedding photographer Salih Usta answers the most important questions about the topic for Sandy from braut.TV:

2. Ideas: Which photos can you have taken?

It is unbelievable how many photos you can have taken around your wedding. Not all of them are strictly necessary, but all of them are great when you have them. Here is a list of possible wedding shootings with further information if you click on the link:

In the past, bridal couples only booked a shoot for a few hours, today all-day wedding reports are common. Why is that?

The professional wedding photographer Raman El Atiaoui (RAMAN-PHOTOS) explains: “All photos used to be the same. Some of the portraits were still made in studios and they met in a rose garden.

At that time it was the Americans who started offering all-day reports. That came to us at some point. In addition to the wedding ceremony and the photo shoot outside, they suddenly wanted group photos, pictures of the party and more.

The subject of photos has also spread more widely via the websites and Facebook. In the past, people didn't even know what was possible and sometimes people don't know today either. As a layman, you only know the conventional photos. In the meantime, however, you can see what you can do and give more space to creativity. "

3. Wedding photos from the wedding day: what is important?

These wedding pictures should not be missing or are wonderful if you have them! We present you some wedding photo ideas:

Wedding pictures - special moments

There are many special moments at your wedding and in retrospect you will be happy that they were all captured. Even if the photos on the wedding day might seem a bit too much.

Getting Ready

Even the preparation for your big gig is very exciting.When you slip into your dress with maid of honor, bridesmaids and mom and excitedly drink some sparkling wine to calm you down.

Capture these moments and take a nice hotel room with bright rooms (clarify beforehand!).

Take photos of the wedding dress (also hanging in front of a beautiful backdrop like on a tree or window), the bridal hairstyle, the wedding shoes, the garter and all the details for which there is no time later.

Tip: Make sure that all unsightly labels have been removed from the clothing or at least that they cannot be seen in the photos.

Don't forget the groom!

The photographer should also drop by the groom when he is getting ready - even if the main focus is on the lady.

You can find lots of tips for the perfect Getting Ready in our article “Getting Ready - 10 questions you should ask yourself!”.

First look

It will be exciting!

Everyone is ready and we can start right away. Now the big feelings are bubbling up - the bride and groom see each other for the first time on the wedding day and experience what an eye-catcher the partner in the wedding outfit is.

Hardly a moment on this day is so exciting and romantic!

This “first look” is more and more often not captured in front of the altar, but in private togetherness. The exciting and intimate moment can be enjoyed much better away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding!

So you can step in front of your guests very relaxed afterwards.

Find a nice, quiet place. There she can surprise him from behind, for example, or you stand back to back and turn around together.

The first magical moment of the day!

Everything about the first look shoot as a special wedding photo idea can be found in our article "First Look - This is how you implement the unforgettable shoot"

Behind the scenes

Ask your wedding photographer to take a few snapshots “behind the scenes”. For example, how your bridesmaids stood by you.

Just as important are these unique, dreamlike and emotional moments with your parents and best man. Capturing these should be a matter of course for every wedding photographer.

If such shots are particularly important to you, let the photographer know when you sit down with mom, dad, maid of honor and co. The emotional moments then come naturally and so the photographer is definitely in the right place at the right time.

Our tip: These moments are also the ideal time to say thank you to your loved ones. We have inspiration for this in our article "The best ideas for the perfect groomsman gift" for you.


Wedding photos of the wedding ceremony - whether in the registry office or in the church - are of course a matter of course. Above all, the photographer should capture the crucial moments from the right position:

  • The groom is waiting
  • The guests are excited
  • Indent
  • Marriage vows
  • Yes word and ring swap
  • First kiss as a married couple
  • Signatures (in the registry office)
  • abstract
  • Congratulations from the guests (at least from the family and witnesses)
  • The wedding rings on your fingers

A photographer should also be available in front of the church or the registry office when the bride and groom walks out the door. Especially when soap bubbles fly or the guests stand in line - a great first appearance as a married couple and so romantic!

Of course, children are always cute photo subjects, the photographer should take pictures of them outside of their "job" (e.g. as flower children). Accompanying the children with photos for some time is one of the most beautiful and worthwhile wedding photo ideas.

Photos wedding meal & program

In addition to some recordings of your wedding dinner, the entertainment offers at the wedding reception are of course also memorable. You or your groomsmen know best which program items are planned for your wedding. Therefore add / change these points individually and have them all captured photographically:

Wedding pictures of the bride and groom

Just you two - these are particularly important wedding photos! Take enough time and choose a quiet place. In addition to the standard photos for Grandma's picture frame, here are too funny wedding pictures asked.

Accessories like Balloons, Smoke bombs and Co. or you think about typical situations or poses that you recreate in your wedding outfit. An unusual perspective (from above or below) also provides that certain something.

You can find more inspiration in our articles "Top 10 photo props for the wedding",

If you don't have enough time for relaxed couple pictures during the wedding celebration, it is better to plan one more time "After-Wedding-Shooting".

Image for the thank you card

It is very nice and personal when you take a special photo for the thank you card. For example with the message “Thank you!” On a sign or with a motif where you look back and wave from the wedding car. The more personal, the better!

The best thing to do is to make this motif directly on the wedding day. Because the thank you photos express a wedding mood, your guests will immediately recognize on the thank you cards and remember the day with a smile.

Wedding photos ideas with guests

A couple of “posed” photos are part of the wedding. If you take it easy and give an unusual command, you can look forward to relaxed group photos.

“Everyone put your arms up!” Or “And now jump up!” Or “Hug the next man!” Add a little pep to the photos and complement the classic bridal couple pictures. We have also had great experiences when a Wedding magician makes the guests laugh and many beautiful photos of people laughing heartily can be captured.

Tip on the side: Put one on each table Disposable cameraso that you can catch the "happening" at all tables.

The following photos of people should be taken:

group photo

The complete wedding party - sometimes in variations, e.g. from above, when everyone is in the shape of a heart.

Bridal couple with parents and best man

Take photos here in as many constellations as possible. You with her parents, he with the in-laws, you with maid of honor, only bride's parents, he with mom etc. If you need a good photo later, you will find it here!

Photo box: photos of the individual guests

Regardless of whether it's for the guest book or the photo album - you certainly want every wedding guest to be photographed at least once. You can best do this with a

For example, let the guests pose in the wedding frame, so all the pictures look similar.

Our tip: Hang up a line with a slip of paper with the name of each wedding guest on it. Next to it a Polaroid camera and the request to replace your name slip with a photo. So you or an assigned helper always have an eye on whose photo is still missing.

Wedding photos with friends

Your closest friends, maybe a real clique with whom you spend a lot of time - the perfect group for crazy photos! It is best to think about what you can do funny beforehand. After a few poses, the shoot usually develops its own dynamic and great scenes come naturally.

Some wedding photography tips for the wedding group photos as a list:

  • Pull faces
  • pose as a cool gang
  • make a pyramid
  • Throwing confetti
  • jump as high as you can
  • do a polonese
  • waving
  • to cover the eyes of the next man
  • Jumble pairs of dice
  • and and and

You can also find original, unusual and funny wedding photos ideas and examples in the article "Funny wedding pictures - 6 tips & ideas". You will often have fun with pictures like this!

Wedding pictures ideas - ambience, decoration, flowers

The ambience, the decoration, simply all the little things that cost you a lot of effort when choosing, doing handicrafts or placing should not be lost.

So just have a few ambience photos made of the following elements:

  • Bridal bouquet and badge
  • Car / carriage
  • Church: Church decorations, church notebooks, handkerchiefs with tears of joy, wedding candles, ring pillows, flower children
  • Wedding location: hall decoration, tables, bridal table, table decoration, place cards, menu card
  • wedding cake
  • Buffet / food
  • Gift table
  • Party favors

Don't forget your individually planned highlights!

Unforgettable details

Starting with the invitation cards to the wedding rings that you are now officially wearing for the first time to the garter belt, family jewelry, the old, new, used and blue and and and. Put everything you want to remember in particular ready for detailed photos.

Wedding location at night

You should have at least one wedding photo taken at dusk or at night of the location (with the bride and groom). Please note: In order for the photo to really capture the beautiful lighting atmosphere, a professional photographer and a tripod are required.

4. Inspirations: What can unusual wedding photos look like?

Somewhat different wedding pictures as a highlight among the "standard pictures" are, for example, those with funny perspectives or unusual effects. A classic among the extraordinary wedding pictures are creative silhouettes with a beautiful silhouette or you can build an unusual photo backdrop like that Flower swing.

Wedding silhouettes