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The seven most exciting architecture influencers

From Heiko Haberle

The Baufluencers at the bautec

Most of the bloggers, youtubers and instagramers in the construction sector with the greatest reach are professional craftsmen or largely professionalized laypeople who, with tutorials, primarily reach private home builders or interested DIY enthusiasts. Of course, manufacturers have also discovered this as an opportunity, so the response to the Baufluencer Forum, organized for the first time by the construction press agency Brandrevier, as part of the bautec trade fair on February 19 in Berlin was extremely positive.

Matching influencers and industry

The Baufluencers who were specifically addressed and invited first received the industry (paying for participation) at their table - later, the other way round was taken. A little more speed would have done well with this speed dating, because some conversations seemed to be very detailed - probably a good sign. Obviously, many manufacturers had sent young men and women from their marketing departments, so that it was not immediately apparent in a pleasant way who is who and who is "lurking" for whom here.

Architecture is a strong visual theme

By the way, there was particularly great interest at the tables of the architecture-related “influencers”. The need for discussion seemed to be particularly great with such a visual topic as architecture - although or because, especially with the more artistic or feuilletonistic-oriented offers, possible collaborations with manufacturers have to be integrated much more skillfully than is possible with the handcraft topics that are close to the product. In this respect, the motto of the day for many participants was perhaps also: first sniff.

Influencer 1: lerichti - Philipp Heer

Who?Philipp Heer, alias lerichti, is a part-time influencer and photographer from Zurich.
What is there to see or read? Professional architectural photos of new buildings, well-known classics and lesser-known treasures. Even indoor photos that require a lot of planning (photo permits, access rights). In addition, information on the building and the architect.
Interesting for? ... everyone who loves architecture and would plan their trips accordingly.
Where?Instagram (91,000 subscribers)

Influencer 2: the link - Jan Dimog and Hendrik Bohle

Who? Jan Dimog and Hendrik Bohle are journalists and authors, some with an architectural background (Hendrik Bohle) from Berlin. Being an architecture influencer is part of her main job.
What is there to see or read? German-language "digital magazine about building culture". Reports with a more journalistic or personal than construction-related perspective: so pleasantly little typical architectural language; illustrated with excellent, mostly own photos. Focus: Travel, books, unknown architectural finds, not just postcard motifs
Interesting for? ... all those interested in culture and architecture with a broad horizon, not just from the field.
Where?Website, flanked by various social media channels (28,600 subscribers, channels added)

Influencer 3: kontextur - Katharina Benjamin

Who? Katharina Benjamin is a research assistant at the Faculty of Architecture in Dresden. She is an influencer part-time.
What is there to see or read? Very "architectural" project presentations with drawings, renderings, model photos and professional architectural photos. Also: accompanying website with in-depth interviews in English. The focus is on the statements made by the architectural offices, insofar as a lot of typical architectural content in the appropriate language.
Interesting for? ... architecture students and architects out of passion and conviction (as subscribers). Young and small architecture firms or publishers (as providers of images) without traditional press work, which can quickly become known due to the large number of international subscribers.
Where?Instagram (49,500 subscribers), flanked by the website

Influencer 4: le_blanc - Sebastian Weiss

Who?Sebastian Weiss is a professional photographer from Hamburg. Being an architecture influencer is part of the main job.
What is there to see or read? First-class and very aesthetic architectural photos with an artistic eye. Surprising details and new perspectives on structures, at least mostly known to experts. Mostly exterior shots. In addition, short statements about the building.
Interesting for? ... all the aesthetes who make architecture dream.
Where?Instagram (229,000 subscribers)

Influencer 5: Eric Sturm

Who? Eric Sturm is a web designer, blogger, specialist journalist, social media and PR consultant from Berlin. So being an influencer is part of the main job.
What is there to see or read? Daily updated social media notifications about events, buildings or press releases. In addition, websites with a different focus: architecture reports, architecture videos or the Internet for architects.
Interesting for? ... everyone from the field who want to stay informed and architecture firms who need advice on PR, web and social media.
Where?Twitter, websites (14,600 subscribers, channels added)

Influencer 6: chollewa - Oliver Matziol

Who? Oliver Matziol is an architect and site manager from Hanover. He is a part-time photographer and architecture influencer.
What is there to see or read? Professional architectural photos with a more technical view, including indoor and outdoor shots of more or less well-known buildings. More background information than anywhere else on Instagram: e.g. architects, builders, year of construction, dimensions, use, construction method, structural features.
Interesting for? ... architecture lovers from outside the field as well as experts who like to read a little bit with the picture.
Where?Instagram (16,300 subscribers)

Influencer 7, our insider tip: kunstambauddr - Martin Maleschka

(not a participant in the Baufluencer event)

Who? Martin Maleschka is a professional hobby photographer and building researcher with an architectural background from Cottbus. As an influencer, his hobby is increasingly turning into a profession
What is there to see or read? Anything but glossy: impressive photos of architecture that has mostly seen its best days and is left behind by most: vacancies, post-war modernism, everyday buildings. With the focus on building art in the former GDR, developed from his own biography, Martin Maleschka has opened up his own field and has become a sought-after expert in this field.
Interesting for? ... (East) Modernism lovers, art enthusiasts, art scholars and everyone with a certain streak for morbid charm.
Where?Instagram (8,000 subscribers, channels added) and book (!)