Which superhero is unnecessarily sexualized the most?

Why should female superheroes wear tight, revealing costumes?

I've seen a lot of female superheroes wearing full-coverage costumes. However, almost all of them seem to have been in films and television shows for children, not teenagers.

I just looked at pictures of kids' swimsuits and it looks like most of them were designed by sunscreen manufacturers to increase sales. One-piece swimsuits for little girls cover at least as much as most boys' swim trunks, but two-piece swimsuits for little girls typically cover much less skin than swim trunks for boys.

Looking at photos of female gymnasts, it looks like most of them are wearing the equivalent of one-piece swimsuits, while male gymnasts often wear shirts and shorts or long pants and, on average, wear more clothes than women.

I'm starting to see a real trend that may carry over to fictional superheroes.

One possible theory is that female superheroes are just as eager to have friends and want to marry as non-superwomen. But because of all the time they spend fighting super villains, they don't get to know as many men as they'd like. Plus, they probably just want to meet male superheroes, date them, and eventually marry her. I believe the majority of women are attracted to men who are stronger than them. And if a woman is a superhero, the only men more powerful than her are likely to be male superheroes.

Hence, most of the female superheroes probably want to make a good impression on male superheroes. When a female superhero first used a sexy and insightful super costume to impress male superheroes, she started a costume arms race with all of the competing female superheroes to make the best impression on male superheroes.

Such a costume arms race may not benefit anyone in the superhero world, but many male comic book readers likely believe it will benefit them.

At least this is one possible theory about the reasons in the universe for the typical female superhero costumes in comics.

Lio Elbammalf

So male superheroes also have "super" superficiality?


Have you ever thought about how stupid it is to wear clothes for swimming? (Diving suits excluded, of course.) The same applies to many items of clothing (apart from supporting equipment for your own floppy bits) for gymnastics & Co. It's about freedom of movement.

MA Golding

@Jamesqf But wearing a swimsuit that covers more skin reduces the amount of sunscreen you have to wear, which is why I joked that swimsuits were usually designed by sunscreen manufacturers.