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Definition: animation

As animation techniques are described that are achieved by the fast Display of individual images for the viewer a fluid moving image create. A wide variety of animation techniques have been used and developed since the beginning of film history. The film productions by Walt Disney and Dreamworks are particularly well known. Over the past 15 years, 3D animations (such as "Madagascar", "Toy Story" and "Shrek") more and more enforced.

Where does the term animation come from?

The basic principle of animation are single image recordings of inanimate things, which in quick succession suggest a fluid movement and thus life in these things. The term animation is by the way from the Latin "animare" has been almost completely taken over, which means something like "inspire and enliven". It doesn't matter whether it's photos of real things, drawings or completely digitally generated images.

The way of working in the production of animations is often more monotonous than you might think: painting 25 pictures for a second, erecting clay figures and taking pictures or developing them in 3D programs has always been hard work.



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