Why do people use decent people

What is a decent person? A decent girl doesn't wear skirts that are too short, my father taught me. And my mother said: "Put them down properly, sit up straight, don't fidget". And it was about eating properly with a knife and fork. The more complicated things were learned later in the dance class.

It was said there that decency should make living together easier. I thought that was good. That's why I made an effort. Coexistence becomes more pleasant when people adhere to such etiquette, that's true. But decency is more, I mean. The Freiherr von Knigge, who allegedly came up with the rules, wrote in the foreword to his thick rule book that it was about "the duties we owe to all kinds of people".

What is decency Knife, fork and napkin - or what? What duties am I owed to “all kinds of people”? Apparently the apostle Paul has already thought about it. In a letter to the Christian community in Philippi, he wrote: “Your actions should not be determined by selfishness or vanity. Instead, stand back and respect others more than yourself. ”(Phil 2, 3) and specifically for him that means:“ Do not seek your own advantage, but that of others. - each and every one of you. "

For Paul this is a decent person who acts like this. For him, these are the duties that Christians owe to “all kinds of people”. All kinds of people: Black and white, men and women, rich and poor, educated and less educated, newcomers and locals, relatives and strangers, friends and opponents. I should remember how these others can live well too.

For Paul this is the mark of Christians. “Do not seek your own advantage, but also that of others. - each and every one of you. ”So, he said, living together will be good. He wrote that to the people in Philippi in northern Greece. Admittedly, there weren't that many Christians back then. Would he write the same thing to us people in the Christian West today?

It has become common among us for everyone to make the most of their opportunities for themselves. "Me first" is the motto. The others have to see for themselves how they get on. I think that's indecent. It's not Christian either. And living together won't make it any easier.